March 30th, 2020


Teaser roundup featuring (G)-IDLE, Cravity, cignature & Changmin

(G)-IDLE "I Trust" tracklist

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The Return of Superman Ep 322

Jam Jam

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Jam Jam starts her day off with making breakfast for the cameramen and then has a breakfast of her own. She then goes with her father to the laundromat, and then dinner. Lia and Lihyun wrap up their first 48 hours alone with their father. Lihyun tries to go to the potty for the first time. But Younggwon has to leave again to go back to work. The Do family start their day with a dance work out. Then, Yeonwoo’s friend comes over to visit, and something really upsets him.[rant] I’ve said it here before, but Yoongung and Kyungwan’s episodes before Yeonwoo’s birth were some of my favorites. I really adored them, and I love Yoonjung. But now I can’t watch them anymore. They talk about (on other shows too) how Yoonjung is always away from her family because she has to work, and how she makes all the money. Kyungwan is on other shows too, but Yoonjung has her tv shows on top of all her concerts. Even Yeonwoo has talked about how his mom pays for everything. And Kyungwan hides money from her? Like….? If anything, she should hide money from him. Sam the boys and their friends to see the Teacher. The Teacher has appeared on the show a bunch of times, but this time was funny and not scary. Battery acting so cute to him lol! The kids handle their lessons pretty well, compared to the past.

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EXO's Suho Paints an Intimate 'Self-Portrait' With His New Solo EP

The whole interview is great, but I pulled one quote because I had to:

"To be honest, there’s not a single message on this album. But the theme that connects all these songs is the idea that everyone has scars, everyone has been hurt. But even so, shouldn’t we still love?"

Source: @billboard
dont fuck with jisoo

SBS obtains testimony that YG bribed a reporter to silence reports about Seungri

YG Entertainment is under suspicion of giving out a bribe to reporter Kim Yong-ho.

In February last year, media reported that YG had bribed a "reporter Kim" 100 million won to silence reports regarding Seungri's drunk driving and drug abuse in 2017. At the time, YG Entertainment denied the allegations calling them "groundless."

However, SBS was able to obtain detailed testimonies from three officials close to reporter Kim that YG did indeed bribe him to stop reporting on the former Big Bang member.
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