April 6th, 2020


EXO's 'The Eve' Dance Practice Surpasses 100 Million Views

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The Return of Superman Ep 323

Yeonwoo & Hayoung

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Kyungwan thinks the family needs some English practice, so he invites some foreigners over to the house. Then the family puts together a song festival. Haoh spends time alone in the morning with the camera crew before Gary makes him a special breakfast. Then Gary wants to test his memory again. Raim has gotten so big! She babbles a lot now, and can mimic her big sister. Kyungmin takes the girls to rehearsal with him. The Hammingtons prepare for the boys’ guest judging Star’s Top Recipe Fun-Staurant (nobody is subbing the show? I’ve only seen short clips and I like it). William and Bentley met child actor Kim Kanghoon, and have a lot to eat.

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Irene monster


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Source: GOT7 1, 2, 3

Is this supposed to be... the fish tank scene from Romeo & Juliet? Anyways talented brilliant incredible etc...

But also, 5 album versions with the same cover? In this pandemic?

And also, a fan sign in Thailand? In this pandemic???