April 9th, 2020

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⭐️KEEMBO⭐️ debut pre-release 'Thank You, Anyway' teaser

check out their MV making here! they were supposed to debut (with another song) on 10 April and hold a (now-postponed) showcase on 19 April, but due to COVID-19 they decided to pre-release this song first :) can't wait for their vocals to blow everyone away!! (can I tag this as both debut and comeback??)


Supernova's Yoon Hak caught visiting a room salon + reportedly spread coronavirus to salon worker

An idol member and leader of a group has been caught visiting a room salon.

In the exclusive report by News1, a woman 'A' who works at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam has been confirmed to have caught the Coronavirus after meeting up with an idol group member. 'A' reportedly began exhibiting Corona symptoms on March 29th and was confirmed positive on April 2nd. When asked, she stated that she had met up with Yoon Hak, leader of idol group Supernova.

Yoon Hak began exhibiting symptoms 3 days after returning from Japan and was confirmed with the Coronavirus on April 1st. After he was confirmed positive, his whereabouts were exposed and through his cell phone activity it was revealed that he had met up with a prostitute at a room salon.

His agency denied the reports stating that "it's true that he met with her for a moment but he never entered the room salon. He knows her so he met with her for just a moment after work. He never received any services from her."

sources: dailynaver, news1

(G)I-DLE teams up with Republic Records to push into US market

Up-and-coming K-pop girl band (G)I-DLE has joined forces with American label Republic Records to push into the U.S. market, the group's agency Cube Entertainment said Thursday.

Republic Records is a division of Universal Music Group and home to high-profile pop stars including Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. It also is the partner of other K-pop stars such as girl group TWICE and boy band TXT.

Republic's co-founder Avery Lipman was quoted as saying that the label was excited to partner with the multi-talented band as it makes its highly anticipated U.S. debut. He said (G)I-DLE's latest mini-album "I trust" will launch the six-piece act in the country and that the label has been striving to propel the group to global stardom.

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source: The Korea Times

Celeb Youtuber Roundup 🌷

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AOA's Jimin posts tribute to her late father on instagram

jiminbaby_18: 사랑하는 우리아빠♡ 아빠 기대에 어긋나지 않는 딸이 될게요! 사랑해 아빠!
아빠와 함께 해주신 모든 분들 너무 감사하고 고맙습니다,,
FNC Entertainment announced on April 3rd that Jimin's father had passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Her post reads, "To my Dad whom I love. I’ll become a daughter who doesn’t stray from your expectations! I love you Dad! I’m grateful and thankful to all the people who have been with my Dad."

source: soompi via jiminbaby_18
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Heo Gayoon talks about moving on from 4minute, becoming an actress, and more

Singer and actress Heo Gayoon recently sat down for an interview to promote her upcoming film, “Search Out.”

“Search Out” is a film that stars Lee Si Eon and Kim Sung Cheol as two men who learn the truth about digital crimes on social media as they investigate a suicide at a goshiwon (dorm for students studying for exams). Heo Gayoon plays a supporting role as Nu Ri, a hacker who helps the two men track down the criminal online.

The film is due out on April 15, although many other films have delayed their releases due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Heo Gayoon said, “It’s a bit regrettable, but I think this is better than constantly pushing back the release date. It’s okay because I believe there will be people who go to see it.”

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source: soompi via naver
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Ashley Choi - 'Adulting' Series - furniture, paychecks, social distancing, home decor, and more

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Highlights of the vlogs: Ashley dealing with a huge amount of packages, trying to assemble furniture alone, some bts of her ASC guest episode (make her permanent!), lunch with her aunt, getting her first (first!) paycheck since coming to Korea and discussing LC's payment/debt situation/Korean traditions around your first paycheck, buying herself a record player, a home decor haul, Ashley's really cute variety of pyjamas.

source: Ashley B Choi (2, 3, 4)
bunny Jinyoung


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Damn I kinda did this joke already but Dream Knight who?? DK did glitter look better tho. I need moar glitter.

Chanyeol x Acqua di Parma for High Cut

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