April 10th, 2020


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Simply K-Pop Ep 409

[Performance timestamps]00:00 MY.st(마이스트) ‘Don’t Know(몰라서 그래)’
04:00 High School(여고생) ‘Timing’
07:11 UNVS ‘Solar Eclipse’
10:17 KANG GO EUN(강고은) ‘Useless(별무소용)’
13;59 About U(어바우츄) ‘Wonders of the Universe(밤하늘의 별을)’
18:27 About U(어바우츄) ‘Who took my candy(내 사탕 누가 먹었어)’
22:37 SUNG KUK(성국) ‘Rain Flower’
25:44 XENEX(제넥스) ‘IT’S GONNA HURT(아플거야)’
28:05 Trusty(트러스티) ‘Tell me More(사소한 것들까지)’
31:41 ELRIS(엘리스) ‘This is me’
36:07 DONGKIZ(동키즈) ’LUPIN’
39:09 KISUM(키썸) ‘Primero(1위)’
42:47 FAVORITE(페이버릿) ‘LIE(또 LIE)’
46:18 Yezi(예지) ’HOME’


Flashback Friday

Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back 4 years to the 2nd week of April, 2016. There’s a lot of mingling going around with the artists this week…well just Eric Nam really lol. I don’t remember much from these songs, maybe you remember more. Stay safe, everybody!

#3 Red Velvet “One Of These Nights”
This was the lead single off of the group’s EP “The Velvet”, showcasing the group’s more smooth and soft and velvety concept, following their “The Red” album a few months prior. I don’t remember this song at all, but I think I do remember parts of the music video. I still really like the MV now. The song would peak in the top ten, and would take a win on every music show.

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source: SMTOWN, Stone Music Entertainment 1 2, OfficialLEEHI, jypentertainment & soompi

Jung Hae-in's "A Piece of Your Mind" to cut episodes amid low ratings

TvN's series "A Piece of Your Mind," starring heartthrob actor Jung Hae-in, will end early by cutting four of the originally scheduled episodes due to poor ratings.

The production team said Wednesday, "We have decided to shorten the number of episodes to 12 and speed up development of the plot to meet the expectations of our viewers."

The romantic series, starring Jung and Chae Soo-bin, began airing on March 23 with 2.4 percent ratings. However, ratings continued to drop and fell to 1.2 percent this week, after six episodes.

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source: The Korea Times
ghj disk

Close Friend of Han So Hee Steps up to Defend the Actress from her past pics of smoking and tattoos

-The rookie actress gaining lots of attention right now in the hit JTBC 'World of the Married' as the mistress to the male lead's character.

-Her friend came out and said what most sane people would think:

"Tattoos and smoking, it’s only an issue when women do it. Honestly, it’s just sexist and discrimination to think that [smoking and tattoos] can be okay for male actors, but there is an issue when a female actress does it."

-"Nowadays, there are many people with tattoos, so the people who like tattoos are supporters. But wouldn’t people who dislike tattoos also show their displeasure? I can’t say that mindset is right or wrong because everyone has different ideas."

-Remember when Ji Chang Wook's smoking pics caused a huge stir a few months ago too?

Source: KStarLive