April 13th, 2020

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MONSTA X announces new comeback titled FANTASIA X! ✨🌌

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starship never announces the comeback dates with the coming soon teasers so i'm happy they did this time! this will be mx's first anniversary comeback (just shy of 3 days) and with a concept switch? i'm exciiiited. hopefully they'll switch up their title formula for this mini, too—would like something closer to their b-sides


"The King: Eternal Monarch" Official Trailer

A king crosses into an alternate universe when a mysterious gateway opens between two worlds, bringing him face to face with the very person he’s been searching for all these years.

From GOBLIN writer Kim Eun-suk, romantic fantasy drama THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH stars Lee Min-ho (INHERITORS), Kim Go-eun (GOBLIN), Woo Do-hwan (TEMPTED), Kim Kyung-nam (PRISON PLAYBOOK), Jung Eun-chae (THE GUEST), and Lee Jung-jin (THE K2).

Coming to Netflix & SBS April 17.

source: The Swoon

"Nth room" update: Female idols private information leaked + Verbal Jint under controversy (TW)

Four girl group members' private information leaked in Cho's "Nth Room"

Personal information of famous celebrities was reportedly leaked in Cho's "Nth Room."

According to a report by MBC's 'News Desk' on the 14th, service records of SNS personnel inspected by police confirmed that personal information of famous girl group members, actors, and announcers were shared in the chatroom.

A social worker "Choi Moo", a personnel member of the chatroom who worked in the Song-pa gu Civil Affairs Administration team reportedly leaked the private information of four girl group members to Cho Joo Bin in March last year. Choi accessed government records using their system normally used for issuing resident registrations, etc.

Choi has been arrested on charges of inquiring about 200 victims personal information and providing 17 of them to Cho Joo Bin.

Choi also reportedly leaked information of girl group members A & B's father as well personal information of an actor C who's personal information was intensively searched at least 3 times.
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sources: dailynaver 1, 2, Star News, Sports Donga, SPOTV News

Yubin and Jun Hyosung to release a duet song

Yubin and Jun Hyosung will be releasing a duet song!

News1 reported on April 13 that the two idols will be releasing a song together. The news outlet shared they recently finalized the discussion for the duet song and started to prepare for recording.

Jun Hyosung’s agency confirmed the report on the same day, saying, “Jun Hyosung will form a project group with Yubin. Since it is still in its early stages, no details have been set, including when the new song will be released.”

Yubin is a former member of Wonder Girls, and she established her own agency in February. Jun Hyosung is a former member of Secret, and she is currently acting in the drama “Memorist.” The two were part of a girl group called Five Girls that included former After School member Uee, former SPICA member Yang Jiwon, and solo singer G.NA, but the group disbanded before their scheduled debut in 2007.

sources: soompi, naver 1, 2
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GOT7's JB on Allure Magazine's Digital Global Beauty Issue

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How JB Defined His Public and Private Selves
You can read the full article here, in which he talks about being and expressing himself, experimenting with styles and not be boxed in by stereotypical expectations.

Sources: Allure | Allure_magazine

I really love the article, a great insight on the guy who has grown comfortably into his own skin and is unapologetically himself.
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

SM Announced Digital Concert Series - SUPERM to perform April 26th


keep Shindong or w/e team is doing the awful showcase videos away from this. also new press photo for SUPERM 👀