April 20th, 2020

Twice Comeback Confirmed + Nayeon Trailer, Tik Toks

TWICE’s comeback is confirmed!

A source from JYP Entertainment shared to Hankook Ilbo, “TWICE is getting ready to shoot the music video for their new song. The specifics of their comeback schedule are still being discussed, and we will reveal them once they are set.” It’s supposedly going to be a June comeback, but we’ll have to wait and see when the official schedule is released. Day6 is May 11th, so June makes sense for Twice

Under the cut is Nayeon’s Trailer for Seize The Light, and some tik toks showing the new hair for the upcoming comeback:

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J.Lim at Soompi, Naver
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The Return of Superman Ep 325

Jam Jam & Haoh

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OH MY GOD Jam Jam and Haoh together is THE BEST! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much and so hard! Haoh goes to Jam Jam’s house for a playdate and they meet each other for the first time. It’s hilarious, and even watching Gary and Heejoon together was fun. I demand a Gajoon & Jamhao spinoff show! Kyungwan sets up a kids café at home. Then the family tries to have a pizza party, but things don’t go as planned. So much of Hayoung eating this week lol! She’s so cute. Bentley is so big now, he’s able to hold conversations now and recognize injustice lol. The Hammingtons get together and talk about how they feel about each other. Then they have a playdate with a friend, and think that the grass is greener on the other side.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6

A Korean BL (Boy Love) Series coming soon!

W Story and Energedic Company will be co-producing the BL (Boys Love) web drama “Where Your Eyes Linger.”
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Source: Soompi | Naver

Soon as the news came out, I received a couple of messages from my friends. They know I've been watching a lot of Thai BL series lately (which I really love!). I am interested to see how Soth Korea will react to this. I also hope its a good story. Have you watched any BL stories Omona?

Dance Cover Round-up feat. many "Kick it" and "Wannabe" Covers

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Natty From ‘Sixteen’ + ‘Idol School’ Finally Debuting on May 7th

Natty is ready to make her debut!

On April 20, her agency Swing Entertainment announced, “Natty will officially be making her debut with the release of her first single at 6 p.m. KST on May 7.

Natty appeared as a contestant on Mnet’s “SIXTEEN” in 2015 and despite her young age, she left a deep impression on fans with her vocal talent and dance skills. She appeared as a special guest at KCON 2019 Thailand last October, drawing attention with how much she’d grown as a performer.

A source from Swing Entertainment stated, “Natty is someone who is extremely skilled in many ways, making it hard to believe that she’s still just a trainee preparing for her official debut. We believe she will make a lasting impression with K-pop fans with her unique talents.”

+ Here’s an example of her dancing skills from Idol School (she’s wearing all black, short sleeves), hopefully we’ll see this energy with her debut!

Article - J.Lim at Soompi, Naver
Video - Mnet Official

Red Velvet’s First Subunit, Irene & Seulgi, Preparing For Upcoming Debut

Red Velvet is reportedly launching their first sub-unit!

On April 21, SPOTV News reported that Seulgi and Irene are gearing up to make a unit debut and are in the final stage of preparation for their album.

Prior to their debut, the two gained attention for their performance video of “Be Natural” through SMROOKIES SR14G.

If confirmed, this upcoming unit will be Red Velvet’s first since their debut in 2014.

Stay tuned for updates!

SOURCE: D.Kim at Soompi, Naver

Oooh an album? What would you like to see from these two?
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DIA's Eunchae & Yebin get makeup done by a YouTuber & talk comeback!

Edward Avila did Eunchae and Yebin's makeup with items chosen by them, and they answered a few questions about their upcoming comeback. I watched it so you don't have to!

  • Eunchae is friends with Favorite's Gaeul and LOONA's Hyunjin, and is university classmates with IZ*ONE's Eunbi

  • Yebin is friends with LOONA's Jinsoul

  • Their new album is planned to come out before the summer

  • Choreo is different from what they've done before; the song is "on the pure/innocent side" but powerful

  • They did another video with him a while ago. In that one, they talked about the sexy single that was supposed to follow up their debut (which was never released, despite filming an MV in Macau) and how Yebin was Eunchae's first friend in the group.

Source: YouTube: Edward Avila