April 27th, 2020


The Return of Superman Ep 326

Yideun & Sarang

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Semi and Woohyuk are preparing for the birth of their daughter, and unfortunately there were complications leading up to and after the delivery. But now mother and baby are doing well. Haoh is also in love with trot nowadays, and is smitten with singer Cho Myungsub. So Gary invites him over to meet Haoh. Kyungwan goes on a date with Hayoung. She’s so cute! While they are gone, Yeonwoo and Yoonjung prepare a birthday surprise. The Hammingtons go their farm to plant some produce. While William does all the work, he finds treasure. Then the boys learn how to work together.

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SuperM's online concert draws 75,000 paid viewers worldwide

K-pop boy band SuperM's online concert on Sunday (KST) attracted 75,000 paid viewers in 109 countries, according to the group's agency SM Entertainment.

"A popular idol band usually draws about 10,000 audience for an offline concert, but 'SuperM ― Beyond the Future' attracted 7.5 times more people, offering new growth potential for concert business," SM said Sunday.

While the ticket price for the seven-piece act's offline gigs in the U.S. last year was reportedly 62,000 won ($50), the price for the video on demand (VOD) this time was 33,000 won ($27). Nevertheless, SM's gross sales from the online gig is estimated to be more than 2.4 billion won ($1.9 million), considering its additional gains from selling merchandise.

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source: The Korea Times