April 29th, 2020

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⭐ The March/April 2020 Girl Group Battle ⭐

The Girl Group Battle is back! I had a lot of fun putting together the last round, and you Omonians seemed to enjoy it, so let's do it again. March and April weren't as packed with releases as February, so I've combined the last two months into one round. Let's catch up on the latest releases from our favorite girl groups...
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So, now that you've seen the contenders...
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Oh My Girl

Source: YouTube: 1theK (1, 2, 3) Stone Music Entertainment (1, 2), SA ITAINMENT, ponycanyon, SUPER SOUND Bugs! (1, 2), (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel), 공원소녀 GWSN OFFICIAL, jypentertainment, DanalEntertainment; GIF: Tumblr: stanthemyoucowards

Lastly, congratulations to February's GG Battle winner, Dreamcatcher with "Scream"! If anyone with PS skills wants to make them a trophy or something, feel free... lol.

It should have been You - March/april 2020

Sometimes execs and labels just fuck it up and pick the wrong song to promote a debut/comeback.
And it's up to us to find those hidden gems, that might otherwise be burried under countless songs.
Every month I'll try to look back on girl group and female soloist release (I don't have time to waste on boys) and try to find out the song that should have been "IT" but was overlooked.

What's my expertise on this?
None whatsoever.
It's just fun & games but to paraphrase the great Eugene Lee Yang

"I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, discuss in the comments".

I gotta say, labels didn't fuck it up too much. There's a few "meh" and some "wtf",obviously, but overall title tracks were nicely picked.
My main issue: march was freaking bleak, so thank the goddess for april.

ITZY - It'z Me
Title track: Wanna Be
But it could have been:

"Wanna Be" might be the first Itzy title track I've truly enjoyed. It's fun and it makes me want to jump around the house for BB-Beni's delight (she loves when I dance silly).
The album itself is pretty cohesive and I couldn't say one song stands out. They're kinda all title track material ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
However, "That's a no no no" has that "classic" Itzy fun but disjointed style that would make it a good follow up to "Dalla Dalla" and "Icy".

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I hope I didn't forget anyone

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"Mystic Pop-up Bar" Official Teaser #2

Hwang Jung-eum (KILL ME HEAL ME), Yook Sung-jae (GOBLIN), and Choi Won-young (SKY CASTLE) run a mysterious food cart that only opens late at night and heals customers through their dreams. All patrons are welcome, dead or alive.

From the director of THE PACKAGE, fantasy drama MYSTIC POP-UP BAR is based on the popular webtoon Ssangap Pocha.

Coming to Netflix & JTBC May 20.

source: The Swoon
I love arm

Proof men CAN advertise lipstick: here's more GOT7 Jinyoung x Tom Ford 💄❤️

Source: voguekorea / gif

previous Jinyoung x Tom Ford posts:
powder(?) foundation behind the scenes interview w/ W Korea fragrance

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but that's just my opinion, what do you think omona?

Alcohol free Nayeon

Twice’s ‘Seize The Light’ Episode 1

~This episode focused on the girls’ beginnings and backgrounds.

+ Also just an FYI, with YouTube Premium you can watch all 8 episodes already. YT does offer a free 30 day trial, so if you wanna use it for this and instantly cancel, you can still have access to the 8 episodes early for 30 days - as many ONCEs are doing lol. Sorry Youtube Premium.

If you did watch the whole series, I just ask you use a spoiler cut, if you discuss anything from another episode! Just in case people watching it weekly don’t want to be spoiled, thanks!

* * *

Quick Recap of Episode 1:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
- JYP’s concept for Twice was ‘healthy’, meaning the members represent a healthy mind, and are growing up ethically, diligently, and sincerely (....also gotta be attractive)
- Nayeon has a love for stage performing that she discovered early on
- Jeongyeon was put into cardio classes as a kid. She got into the dance portions of the classes, and would show off her talents to her supportive grandmother. She lived with her grandmother since her parents worked a lot.
- Sana too was inspired by wanting her grandmother to see her perform on TV
- Chaeyoung was a cutie as a kid, people told her she should be famous lol
- Tzuyu and Mina are similar in they saw a career opportunity in another country and their parents supported their decision to travel. Mina had to do a lot of convincing though, as her parents opposed to the idea at first.
- The girls had to sacrifice some of the normal school girl life like hanging out after school to train
- They discuss the hardships of being away from family. Sana mentions her mom didn’t want to show Sana she was missing her, since she knew Sana would be very worried. She sees how nervous her mom was now, sending off her child to another country to pursue her dream
- Jeongyeon’s grandmother passed away before their debut, so she never got to see her perform in Twice. :((( I’m sure she’s very proud!!
- Momo’s dad is a Jihyo fan, and her mom is sweet and says she likes all the members lol.

Source: TWICE

Taeyeon "Happy" Comeback Updates

Happy will be released 4 May 6pm KST, after it was previously announced that Taeyeon would postpone the release due to personal reasons. Previous MV teaser for "Happy" here.

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sources: @GirlsGeneration @sonexstella

I'm glad that the release is re-announced and I hope she's ready enough to have promotions for it