May 1st, 2020


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Omona, how are you? Have you ever given yourself a haircut and did it turn out good?

snottie irl ♡ reve finale

MONSTA X'S 『 FANTASIA X 』 teasers: 2nd set of MINHYUK & KIHYUN concept pics ✨🌌

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finally a unit teaser in portrait!!! mx finally respecting my post format! ugh, minhyuk looks really amazing... def one of my fave looks for him. and i like the deviation with kihyun suits but i wish they didn't pick something so tank top-y, or maybe a diff color?


Flashback Friday

Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back 7 years to the 1st week of May, 2013. It’s already May?!?

#3 Seo In Guk “With Laughter Or With Tears”
This was the first time since his debut in 2009 that he ever promoted a ballad song. Which is weird to me because I only remember him singing ballads lol wtf. This release was sandwiched in between dramas and Japanese promotions. Gu Hyesun stars with him in the music video. What is going on in this MV? Did he beat up all those people? Or are they just hella drunk?

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source: Stone Music Entertainment, MBCkpop, officialpsy, jypentertainment, JAY PARK & soompi

Jessica Jung Shares How Her Approach to Beauty Has Changed Since Her Idol Days

Jessica Jung is finally a butterfly.

These are the words on the phone, not mine. It's 9 a.m. for me in New York City, 10 p.m. for Jung in Seoul, South Korea — not that time matters these days as we're both navigating a COVID-19 world from our respective countries (more on that later).

"I was like a little caterpillar back then," Jung shares. "Now, I know who I am. I found my comfort zone, so I'm like a butterfly." Her reference to "back then" started around 2007, when she was known simply as Jessica. The California native debuted at 18 with the beloved Korean group Girls' Generation. Her presence in the K-pop world for the next seven years was so major that a character in the Oscar-winning movie Parasite was named after her. In 2014, Jung left the group to focus on solo ventures, namely her fashion and skin-care brand Blanc & Eclare.

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She announced that she became a Revlon global ambassador just yesterday

source: allure

Jennie is feeling cute, dumps a ton of selfies on Instagram

Jennie was feeling extra cute today and uploaded 59 (!) selfies on Instagram to promote her new sunglasses collection "Jentle Home" with the brand GENTLE MONSTER, all within 15 minutes.

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