May 6th, 2020



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Sources : NCT DREAM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , BEYOND LIVE

I'm too weak I got tickets for SuperM, WayV and I'm getting one for the last two concerts.
Makes me wake up very early but i like the format, will you also be watching ?

TXT post - 'Eternity' tracklist revealed, video teasers for Beomgyu and Yeonjun posted

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sources: BigHitEnt on twitter, BigHitLabels on Youtube - 1, 2

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TXT Tracker:

Comeback announcement

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Concept Trailer

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'Port' teasers

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'Star Board' teasers


The Return of Superman Ep 327

Jam Jam

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Jam Jam learns about how important it is to be tidy, and then makes a new friend. It does not go well lol poor baby. Ben gets a haircut, and William tries to teach him a new game. There is an abundance of potatoes in the Hammington household, and they try to get rid of them. Hayoung gets tested on her nose, and the family gets haircuts. They prepare for a visit from a family friend, actor Son Hyunjoo. Yoonjung is there every single week, might as well give them their own show on KBS. Their segments totaled up to almost a full hour.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5

EXID's Hyerin signs management contract with Sidus HQ

Hyerin of K-pop girl band EXID has signed a management contract with Sidus HQ, the agency said on Wednesday.

She has been the band's lead vocalist since 2012. Hyerin has expanded her career spectrum into YouTube by launching her own channel "Hyerin's My Way" last year, which had 1,003,000 subscribers as of Wednesday.

"Hyerin has become our new family member," Sidus HQ said in a statement. "We will fully support her on the stage and YouTube."

Sidus HQ is one of the biggest management agencies for South Korean entertainers, representing several big names such as actor Jang Hyuk, Kim Kim Ha-neul, Cho Bo-ah, singer Park Joon-hyung and Danny Ahn.

source: The Korea Times

KOSTAT hit for ridiculing Rain on YouTube

Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) apologized Tuesday for making fun of Rain with a comment it wrote on the K-pop star's music video on YouTube.

The comment written Friday on the singer's "GANG" music video by the administrator of the state-run statistics agency's official YouTube channel reads: "As of May 1, 10:00, this music video got 6,859,592 views, 39.831 UBD."

"UBD" has become a popular linguistic internet meme in Korea. "UBD" are the initials of Um Bok-dong, a Korean cyclist during the Japanese colonial era who was the main character of movie "Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong" in which Rain starred in early 2019.

As the movie cost 15 billion won ($12 million) but attracted only 172,212 here, internet users have used "UBD" to generate a kind of rating. To generate a UBD number, divide the total views by 172,212.

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The year 2020, where math is a trendy meme lol. It's weird that they're commenting on a 2 year old video.

source: The Korea Times

Baekhyun to comeback May 25th with "Delight" + W Korea May 2020 Interview

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Sources: naver via @balloon_wanted | W Korea 더블유 코리아 | via @bestofbyunbaek | @EXOXOXOID 1 2 | @BaekTer 1 2 | @qtpiebyunbaek

HBD BAEKHYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Source : NCT DAILY

All the members are shining in this cb, it's so nice.
Even if I love Mark with the dreamies (and i was heartbroken when he left), I'm afraid once he is back and we have 7dream that other members get less lines/screentime 😓 but probably won't happen as Haechan is overworked rn and Mark is not far and this cb HC is in the back so his absence isn't felt when he'll be with 127.

Raiden X CHANYEOL Single ['Yours' (Feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO)]

Source : SM TOWN

Wow, this is exciting May is going to be full of cb and collabs and Chanyeol with Lee Hi I'm expecting a lot. I don't know who is Raiden tho ?

BTOB Im Hyunsik to enlist on May 11

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Source: Naver | Hyunsik on IG | BTOBSTORYY | OH_mes2 | Soompi | News1

Hyunsik and Sungjae will enlist on the same day (Yes Ilhoon? Anything you want to tell us?).