May 7th, 2020


First trailer for "Space Sweepers"

"Space Sweepers," a Korean space opera film starring Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri, offered a sneak peek on Thursday. Distributor Merry Christmas floated a trailer for the movie, which is dubbed the first Korean sci-fi flick set in space.

The film, set in 2092, follows the crew of a space junk sweeper named "The Victory." As they look for lucrative space debris, they discover the humanoid "Dorothy" ― a weapon of mass destruction ― and start a "risky deal."

Song plays the shuttle's pilot Taeho. Kim appears as the crew's young and confident leader. Acclaimed actors Jin Sun-kyu and Yoo Hai-jin also feature in the much-anticipated movie.

Filmmaker Jo Sung-hee, who previously teamed up with Song for the fantasy romance movie "A Werewolf Boy" (2012), directed "Space Sweepers." The flick will hit local theaters this summer, but the exact premiere date has not been confirmed.

source: The Korea Times & 카카오페이지

TXT post - 'Can't you see me?' spotlight video teasers for Taehyun, Heuningkai and Soobin

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Tracklisting reveal, Yeonjun and Beomgyu video image teasers


'The World of My 17' (adaptation of Odd Girl Out) Ep 1-4

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each episode is about 15 minutes, very short and sweet, and full of eye-candy. i only started watching it for arin but i'm semi-addicted? i still don't know how i feel about the plot or lack-thereof and WHO WOULD EVER BELIEVE ARIN AS AN UGLY DUCKLING but i live for the moments yuna melts at nari being cute and for ot4 moments. kim doah of p48 and fanatics fame also stars as sunji, wow she's so pretty. kwon hyunbin of broduce and viini fame also has a role as a member of a boyband/trainee? lmao shows how much i pay attention. i also have never read the webtoon this was based off so i can't speak to if it's comparable.

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🍃BVNDIT🍃 'Jungle' MV teaser!

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omgggg HYPED🎺🎺🎺 both the teaser and mcountdown preview sound gooooood