May 9th, 2020

NCT Dream

NCT Dream Gets First Public Music Show Win+Ringer Article,MuBank Vids & Other Achievements This Era

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It took them almost 4 years to win a public broadcast music show, can you believe it?!

Some would say this is really long for an SM boy group, but a lot of good things take time. 'We Go Up' at our own pace :)
This came out of our precious maknae Jisung's own mouth: "Although the results are good, I think the process is more precious. Maybe the process leads to results." (Bubble post translated by @IjnO423)

This is the best we've done both digitally and physical records-wise. The 51 iTunes #1's is an amazing feat too.
Sorry I had to insert The Ringer's article here. It is quite timely, and definitely a good read.

Congratulations, NCT Dream!

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Road To Kingdom: Episode 2 (Eng Sub)

You can watch on VIU and KSHOW123

The groups will be competing in four rounds, however unlike in “Queendom,” two groups will be eliminated during the show.

The first group to be eliminated will be the one that has the lowest cumulative score after the first and second rounds. The remaining six teams will then carry out the third round, and the group with the lowest cumulative score after this round will also be going home. This means that only five groups will be performing in the live finale.

In addition, the winner of “Road to Kingdom” will earn a spot on the show “Kingdom.” The winner will be the group that has the highest cumulative score from the first, second, third, and finale rounds.

Another team could also win the opportunity to compete on “Kingdom.” The group that gets the highest score in just the live finale will have the chance to head to “Kingdom” too.

However, if it happens that the group who had the highest cumulative score from all the rounds also comes in first in the live finale, then only one group will be going to “Kingdom.”

Source: Soompi | VIU | KSHOW123

Ok. They all have my attention. What can you say about these stages? I watched the original artist performances and then the covers. I'm still contemplating on what I feel after watching.

HA:TFELT round up

HA:TFELT Opens Up About New Album, Autobiography, Dealing With Depression, And More

In a recent interview, HA:TFELT (Yeeun) revealed her thoughts about her new album “1719,” her choice to write an autobiography, hard times in life, and her interactions with former Wonder Girls members Yubin and Hyerim.

First, HA:TFELT talked about releasing her first full album since leaving JYP Entertainment. “Preparing for the album took a long time, and I have put my whole heart into it,” she said. “A lot of things have changed since I left JYP Entertainment in 2017 to join Amoeba Culture. I also experienced many chaotic times at my age of 29, so I put all my feelings into my new music and autobiography.” HA:TFELT then added, “Those were my darkest times, but there were also moments that shined.”

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[⋆~Omona exclusive~⋆] Gone But Not Forgotten: RAINBOW

In this series I want to go through groups that are gone, but not forgotten. I will go from debut till disbandment or [indefinite] hiatus, remembering the time we had together and look back on their highs and lows.


Rainbow is a South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by DSP Media. The group is composed of seven members: Woori, Seungah, Jaekyung, Noeul, Yoonhye, Jisook and Hyunyoung. They released their debut mini album Gossip Girl on November 12, 2009. On October 27, 2016, DSP Media announced that Rainbow would disband after seven years because their contracts expired. In November 2019, the group was re-formed for their tenth anniversary.
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They had everything except good management. It's such a shame they never got the spotlight they deserved. What did you think of this week? Do you miss Rainbow?
What is your favorite song, concept, member, album and styling? I say this every week but i still listen to Rainbow's title tracks a lot and they are/were such a charismatic, versatile and talented group. I miss their nonsense lyrics. I'm just glad they are still such good friends, i love that and it really warms my heart.
I hope you are getting excited for next week~ ♥


Aired: Mar 25, 2020 - Jul 1, 2020
Aired On: Wednesday
Network: Channel A
Episodes: 16
Genre: Entertainment/Reality

Panelists: Lee Sang-min, Kim Eana, Yang Jae-woong, Han Hye-jin, Yoon Shi-yoon, P.O (Block B)

About: Love is back in town – as the Signal House opens its doors to eight new love-hungry, single strangers!

The rules are straightforward for the four men and four women contestants who move in: You must find a fellow contestant to pair up with, but you are not allowed to overtly tell a housemate that you like them. Flirting is encouraged, especially via anonymous text message!

An all-star celebrity panel of love gurus – including Yoon Shi Yoon, Han Hye Jin, and Block B’s P.O – watches on, ready to provide insightful comments and witty quips as the love action intensifies in the Signal House!

Just as was the case with seasons 1 and 2, love triangles will develop, cupid will strike – and brand new, top-billing South Korean entertainment stars will be born!

Watch on Viki Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 5 | Episode 6

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Joy x Michael Kors for Elle Korea