May 14th, 2020


👑BVNDIT🌴 press showcase + relay dance!

full SUBBED press showcase (I wanted to include the vlive fan showcase where they performed more songs but it hasn't been reuploaded as of yet...)
- their goal for this comeback is to chart
- they really look up to BTOB and Mamamoo and Simyeong REALLLLLLY wants to do a dance collab with Wheein (she's her #1 fangirl)
- they want to go on Knowing Brothers

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++miscellaneous things:
🌴 Jungle English lyrics
🌴 Ryu Sera reacting to Jungle
🌴 album + fanchant guide post
🌴 they've reached 1.5million combined MV views + sold 459 first day albums + charted on Bugs, all records for them I think??

sources | press showcase: TongTongTV | press pics: YTN, Star Today, MyDaily | group pics: @BVNDIT_OFFICIAL | dance relay: M2

how gorgeous are the black capes with the gold details, and the white capes in the dance relay?? 😍 and I'm so happy to see Chungha supporting them as always!

"Mystic Pop-Up Bar" Official Trailer [Premiers on May 20]

PLOT: Based on a popular webtoon, MYSTIC POP-UP BAR stars Hwang Jung-eum (KILL ME HEAL ME) as the boss behind this mysterious late-night food cart. Together with part-timer Yook Sung-jae (GOBLIN) and manager Choi Won-young (SKY CASTLE), the trio works to serve customers—dead or alive—by resolving their problems through their dreams.

You can watch the teasers here: Teaser 1 | Teaser 2

Source: The Swoon on YouTube

One week to go! It starts airing Wednesday next week =)
Sana hairflip

TWICE Roundup! : ‘More & More’ Nayeon + Chaeyoung Concept Films, Sana’s Candle Workroom

Nayeon and Chaeyoung serve you concept films that are honestly missing the fragrance product placement at the end! Some fans are speculating if these are supposed to throw off fans like the TT Teasers back in the day. We’ll have to wait and see :) Chaeyoung sports blue hair in her clip!

Under the cut includes Chaeyoung’s concept film, Sana’s Candle Workroom, Jeongyeon selfies with newly dyed hair as well, + ‘More & More’ album covers:

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SOURCES: TWICE 1, 2, , 3
twicetagram, jeongyeonniee, parkjihyo97_

Feel free to use this post to share your favorite candles/scents!

TXT post - Album spoiler, comeback show trailer

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Sources: Big Hit Labels - 1 , M2 - 1

[The Dreaming Chapter: ETERNITY - Comeback navigation]

TXT Tracker:

Comeback announcement

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

Concept Trailer

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

'Port' teasers

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

'Star Board' teasers

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

Tracklisting reveal, Yeonjun and Beomgyu video image teasers

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

Taehyun, Heuningkai and Soobin video image teasers

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

First MV teaser

. - . .-. -. .. - -.--

Second MV teaser

SHINHWA's Jun Jin is getting married

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I thought he was already married lol, I remember him in a suit at a wedding. Maybe I'll thinking about Eric's.

source: theseoulstory & soompi via naver 1 2

Seoul considers suspending Chanel's business to prevent cluster infections

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is considering imposing an administrative order to suspend the business of Chanel boutiques in the capital, citing its actions could contribute to a possible COVID-19 infection cluster.

"We are well aware of this issue and we have been monitoring the situation. We are reviewing whether to put out an administrative order," Na Baeq-ju, general director of the civil health bureau at the local administration, said.

Concern has arisen over another COVID-19 infection cluster after long queues formed in front of Chanel boutiques in department stores here between May 11 and 13.

This followed news that the French fashion brand would raise prices for its goods here by up to 25 percent, following markups of 7 percent to 17 percent in Europe, Saturday. Chanel officially confirmed the price change for its luxury goods here, Thursday.

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source: Reuters & The Korea Times

Culture ministry to hold K-pop concert for worldwide streaming

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency will stage the "Trip to K-POP" concert that will be streamed online globally.

The three-day event ― from May 19 to 21 ― has been organized to help those suffering through the coronavirus pandemic. It aims to send the message "We shall overcome."

Hosted by B1A4's Sandeul, the concert will feature 12 artists, including iKON, Oh My Girl, APRIL and Kim Jae-hwan.

The content agency's president Kim Young-jun said the concert will offer a hopeful and encouraging message for K-pop fans to get through the tough time.

"As social distancing became crucial amid the COVID-19, I hope these performances will provide an opportunity for people to enjoy cultural activities while keeping the distance," he said.

Lineup: Performing on May 19 on iKON, Soran, BIBI, and Natty. Performing on May 20 are Kim Jae Hwan, APRIL, Daybreak, and Isaac Hong. Performing on May 21 are Oh My Girl, KARD, Balming Tiger, Seo Samuel, and Martin Smith.

source: The Korea Times

BTS "BANG BANG CON: The Live" on June 14

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I'm going to watch. Except if they charge an insane amount for it. Are you going to pay and stream, Omona? How much are you willing to pay for this online live concert?


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Comeback Schedule:
Teaser Images #1 / Mood Sampler #1 | Teaser Images #2 | Teaser Images #3 / Mood Sampler #2 | Teaser Images #4 | Teaser Images #5 / Mood Sampler #3 | Teaser Images #6 / Mood Sampler #4 | Teaser Images #7 | Teaser Images #8 | Teaser Images #9 / Highlight Medley | Teaser Images #10 / MV Teaser #1 | Teaser Images #11 | MV Teaser #2 / MV Release

Source: @weareoneEXO 1 2 3 4 5

NCT 127 The 2nd Album Repackage 〖 NCT #127 Neo Zone : The Final Round 〗 Photo Teasers Sets 1&2

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Sources: @NCTsmtown_127 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Woozi laughing but not
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Road To Kingdom EP 2+3: Cover Stages

Pentagon - Very Good (orig. Block B)

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source: Mnet K-POP, soompi, naver

What was the best cover stage?

Pentagon - Very Good
The Boyz - Danger
ONEUS - Warrior's Descendant
TOO - Rising Sun
Golden Child - T.O.P.
ONF - Everybody

👑BVNDIT🌴 'Children' & 'Jungle' stages on M! Countdown (and more!)

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sources: Mnet K-POP Jungle, Children | M2 | Stone Music Entertainment | TongTongTV | Piki Pictures | @hangboxes

🌴 album listening post + fanchant guide
🌴 press showcase + relay dance

loved the Jungle set and that they got to perform Children with choreo!
I'm happy they seem to be getting so much content this era already :')