May 18th, 2020


Blackpink to finally release their first full album 4 years after debut

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank our fans for always supporting and showing love.

We would like to inform you on BLACKPINK’s plans this year.

After long hours of work, we’ve completed recording over 10 tracks of BLACKPINK’s new songs, which compose BLACKPINK’s first official album.

BLACKPINK’s first beginning in 2020 will be releasing the pre-release title in June.
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Sana hairflip

TWICE ‘More & More’ Tracklist + Tzuyu MBTI Results

- 7 new tracks
- MNEK (❤️), Bibi, Julia Michaels, and Zara Larsson are key players in ‘More & More’, with MNEK producing and arranging it. Bibi wrote the lyrics along with JYP.
- Nayeon wrote lyrics for ‘Make Me Go’
- Jeongyeon wrote lyrics for ‘Sweet Summer Day’, with Chaeyoung writing the rap for the song
- LDN Noise composed and arranged ‘Shadow’ (thanks carmine_pink!)

For Tzuyu, her results is ISFP-A. So all three so far have been adventurers, but Jihyo and Mina got ‘T’ for Turbulent and Tzuyu got ‘A’ fot Assertive. Interested in seeing who will be the first not to get ISFP lol

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Sources: Twice, @jypetwice


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Comeback Schedule:
Teaser Images #1 / Mood Sampler #1 | Teaser Images #2 | Teaser Images #3 / Mood Sampler #2 | Teaser Images #4 | Teaser Images #5 / Mood Sampler #3 | Teaser Images #6 / Mood Sampler #4 | Teaser Images #7 | Teaser Images #8 | Teaser Images #9 / Highlight Medley | Teaser Images #10 / MV Teaser #1 | Teaser Images #11 | MV Teaser #2 / MV Release

Sources: @weareoneEXO | EXO

BTS Jungkook, ASTRO Cha Eunwoo, NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu under fire for Itaewon outing

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Sources: dispatch via @OH_mes2 | naver 1 2 3 4 5 via soompi | @notpannchoa | @notnetizenbuzz

Teaser roundup featuring Super Junior K.R.Y. & OnlyOneOf

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source: SJofficial & Stone Music Entertainment

Day in the Life of a Homebody

Home is where the pants are stretchy and the judgment nonexistent. We’re all embracing our inner homebodies these days, so here’s to all you budding chefs, fitness gurus, and karaoke kings. Who says you need pants to be productive? No one.

*Drama titles are on the top right, next to the Netflix logo. Shows featured might not be available in all markets.

How are your days at home coming along, Omona? I've given up on all the shows I still need to catch up on and instead am streaming The Ghost Whisperer all day long.

source: The Swoon

FC Seoul apologizes for putting sex dolls in stadium

Seoul's K League football team apologized Monday over filling its stadium in western Seoul with sex dolls during its Sunday game with Gwangju FC but placed the blame on its supplier.

"We tried to make sure the mannequins weren't sex dolls multiple times," FC Seoul said in an apology posted on Instagram, adding that it happened because of a mix-up by the suppliers. "We take the blame on this point. We should have paid attention to details (when communicating with the supplier)."

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source: The Korea Times

The Return of Superman Ep 329

Jam Jam

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Jam Jam gets a visit from a childcare expert. Honestly, I’ve always thought that her parents are doing a fine job, Jam Jam is so sweet and thoughtful. But she is growing up and becoming her own person, and her parents have asked for help. Yeonwoo receives a watch and his father sends him on missions to learn about being on time. William & Ben get a button that grants them a wish. Then William wants to treat Sam for a meal to celebrate Parents Day. More trot stars visit Haoh, and this time it’s Song Gain. She’s so good with him! Haoh seems smitten as well, but does he favor her over his beloved camerawoman Ms. Park? Also, Gary singing my fav Leessang song made me heart ache a little.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6
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Oh My Girl did something racist again (and also fat-shaming)

On a recent episode of "Shindong Gayo," Oh My Girl's Seunghee briefly acted out a Mexican stereotype, garnering laughs from her fellow group members and MC Shindong. In the clip, Seunghee sticks a piece of jelly to her face to imitate facial hair and acts out a "burrito from Mexico" CF in a stereotypical accent.

In another clip from the same episode, Oh My Girl are playing charades and Hyojung acts out her given prompt, "Shindong", by holding out her arms to imitate a fat person. All the members laugh, as does Shindong himself, but since he's MCing it's hard to tell how he really feels about the joke.

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Source: Twitter: doriseoks, Twitter: jacksonsmiracle

Previously in 2016: Oh My Girl And Fans Accused Of Cultural Appropriation (warning for racism and appropriation of Indian culture; here's a Twitter thread with a few more examples)
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Tablo Discusses Whether Art Should Be Separated From The Artist

Tablo states, "I'm an artist, and I believe that the art should be separated from the artist. But should it? I don't know. It's a question people are always fighting about. Like, can we separate the two? Or should we separate the two? I'd like to, but sometimes it's hard"

Diane, the producer, thinks that there are plenty of other artists who can be given the same attention to rather than one who has done horrible things.

source: dive studios

Can you/should we separate artist from their art, omona?