May 27th, 2020

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💐 DIA - "Flower 4 Seasons" Timetable & Tracklist 💐

DIA have released the time table and tracklist for their upcoming album, "Flower 4 Seasons"! The title track, "감싸줄게요", is produced by Iggy Youngbae (best known for producing most of GFriend and Orange Caramel's hits, as well as one of DIA's previous singles, "On the Road".) Track 3 was written by member Jueun, and track 4 was partly written by member Yebin.

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Source: Twitter: dia_official (1, 2)

Track 4 also lists a Lee Jooheon as a writer/composer but I'm not sure if it's Joohoney?

BVNDIT 'Jungle' 🐯🙊🐊🦉🐇 ver. + MV reaction + HBD Simyeong & Yiyeon! 🎂

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sources: BVNDIT_Official animal onesies dance, mv reaction | @BVNDIT_official 1, 2

2) nothing more wholesome than girls hyping up girls and said girls turning shy when it's their turn to receive praise!!
3) my heart EXPLODED @ the birthday hug for Simyeong 🥰

BTOB Jung Ilhoon to enlist on May 28

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Source: Ilhoon IG | BTOBSTORYY

The maknaes really did enlist early. Sungjae & Ilhoon probably planned this so they'll be complete on their 10th year anniv March 2022. Serve well Ilhonieee!

Edit: Updated the title coz after a few hours, it was confimed that he's enlisting today. Also, his discharge date is February 2022 since he'll be a public service worker.