May 30th, 2020

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Jessi and Amber's reaction to George Floyd's death

"This is fuckin disgusting to see that racial injustice and police brutality is still happening in this world. There should be no tolerance for racism and murderers to roam free after killing a man.. It breaks my heart to see people of color being mistreated like they are criminals... This is not right... this is not humane. We want justice for George Floyd and all the others that fell victim to this. #justiceforgeorgefloyd"

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Sana hairflip

Twice ‘More & More’ Album Jacket Making 2 + Sana-Focused Videos

It sounds like ‘Make Me Go’ instrumental is playing? If so I really like it!

Under the cut is Sana videos, one for her Candle-making hobby and the other for her MBTI results. She got ENFP-T, The Campaigner. Finally, our first non Adventurer lol and our first extroverted Twice member. Fans guessed that she’d be an ENFP and they were right!

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BTS’s Suga under fire for sampling speech of cult leader Jim Jones on his mixtape + Corona-wording

- D-2's third track 'What do you think?' opens with a sample of one of cult leader/mass murderer Jim Jones' sermons (it's one years before the mass murder-suicide, for the exact sample, skip to 43:48). Edit: There was also another sermon used (skip to 27:56).

- Jim Jones was the cult leader who led a mass murder-suicide of his followers in his commune at Jonestown. Of the 909 people who lived and died in Jonestown in November 1978, the vast majority (around 70%) were Black people. (more info on wiki)

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"Mystic Popup Bar" episode 3 & 4 Discussion Post

Drama: Mystic Pop-up Bar (English title) / Ssanggab Cart Bar (literal title)
Hangul: 쌍갑포차
Director: Jeon Chang-Geun
Writer: Bae Hye-Soo (webcomic), Ha Yoon-A
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 12
Release Date: May 20 - June 25, 2020
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30

PLOT: Based on a popular webtoon, MYSTIC POP-UP BAR stars Hwang Jung-eum (Kill Me, Heal Me) as the boss behind this mysterious late-night food cart. Together with part-timer Yook Sung-jae (Goblin) and manager Choi Won-young (Sky Castle), the trio works to serve customers—dead or alive—by resolving their problems through their dreams.

CAST: Hwang Jung-eum as Wol-joo, Yook Sung-jae as Han Kang-bae, Choi Won-young as Chief Gwi, Park Si-eun as young Wol-joo, Yeom Hye-ran as God of the Underworld, Lee Jun-hyeok as Department Chief Yeom, Jung Da-eun as Kang Yeo-rin, Park Ha-na as Song Mi-ran, Park Joo-hyung as Assistant Manager Park, Ahn Tae-hwan as Choi Jin-dong, Kim Yong-gun, Jung Eun-pyo, Kim Mi-kyung, Kang Min-sung

Special appearances for Episode 1:  Song Geon-hee as Crown Prince, Park Eun-hye as Crown Prince's mother, Kim Hee-jung as Wol-joo's mother, Hwang Bo-ra as Chun-hyang, Kwak Sun-young as Eun-soo / Soo-na, Baek Ji-won as Ahn Dong-daek, Yoon Park

Drama info and image used taken from AsianWiki and Netflix

You can watch on Netflix | Mydramanice

I still like the stories so far and I'm really impressed by the CGI and the colorist. It's so lively to watch =)

KCON "KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER" first lineups, schedule, & membership info

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Are you paying $20 for a week of KCON content, Omona?

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Reports State Pledis CEO Han Sung Soo Took Songwriter Royalties For IZ*ONE’s Songs Under Wife’s Name

Han Sung Soo, the CEO of Pledis Entertainment, is reported to have unfairly profited from royalties of IZ*ONE’s music.

On May 26, Dispatch released an exclusive report that the CEO had claimed to have been involved in writing lyrics for eight of IZ*ONE’s songs under the name “So Jay.” According to the report, “We Together,” a song that had been created for Mnet’s “Produce 48” and released in September 2018, did not credit So Jay at the time of its release, but the name was included when the same song was released in October in IZ*ONE’s first mini album “COLOR*IZ.”

So Jay is also credited in IZ*ONE’s second mini album “HEART*IZ” as having participated in writing lyrics for “Violeta,” as well as songs like “Destiny,” “Pink Blusher,” and “Open Your Eyes” on IZ*ONE’s first studio album “BLOOM*IZ.” According to Dispatch’s reporting, So Jay’s share in “Pink Blusher” is set at 1.5 times larger than others who are credited for the song.

Dispatch reported, “The identity behind So Jay is the wife of Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo, and her work experience consists of her being a visual director. She has no experience in music,” and “So Jay is unfairly profiting from royalties. So Jay did not actually participate in creating songs for IZ*ONE’s album and has no right to claim any ownership over the eight songs.”

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