May 31st, 2020

Celeb Youtuber Roundup 🦋

This week's new Youtuber: Apink's Hayoung!

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Sources: 오하빵 ohhabbang | JESSICA LAND 1 2 | Minny J 소민 1 2 | 뽐뽐뽐 1 2 | 소유기 SOYOUGI 1 2 | 찬미찬미해 likeCHANMI | 보스베이비 지미넴 [AOA Jimin] | 안엘리 LEBABY | 유나리TV | Jessi | Cole Time 니콜 | 송슐랭 가이드 - SONGCHELIN GUIDE | SoriNotSorry!소리 1 2 | HyunA 1 2 | 하늬모하늬 | 웨이랜드 WayLand 1 2 3 | CLC 씨엘씨 (Official YouTube Channel) | BEAUTY & VIEW 1 2 3 | 지연 JIYEON | NNG ᄂᄂᄀ | 정은지 EUNJI
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365 PRACTICE (RBW Trainees) - Onewe 'End of Spring' M/V Shooting Behind

source: 365 Practice

the current trainee lineup consists of 6 trainees, Na Goeun (1999, PD48), Jang Eunseong (2000, MixNine), Mori Koyuki (2002), Cho Seoyoung (2002, former YG trainee), Lee Chaeyoung (2002), Park Sujin (2003). Lee Jieun (1997, PD48) had been featured up til a month ago but isn't in this for some reason, so may have left.
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Big Hit releases apology over a producer using the Jim Jones sample in SUGA's song

Follow-up to yesterdays post

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment. This is our official statement on the issue of BTS’ Suga’s mixtape.

The vocal sample of the speech in the introduction of the song “What Do You Think?” on the mixtape was selected without any special intent by the producer who worked on the track, who was unaware of the identity of the speaker and used the sample for the overall atmosphere of the song.

After the speech sample was selected, the company followed our internal process and carried out procedures for reviewing the appropriateness of the content. However, in both the selection and review processes, we committed an error in not recognizing the inappropriateness of the content and including the sample in the song.

Big Hit Entertainment has processes for reviewing its diverse content targeted toward a global audience for potential social, cultural, and historical issues. However, we are experiencing the reality that there are limits to understanding and correctly responding to every situation. In this case, we were not able to recognize the issue in advance and displayed a lack of understanding about the relevant historical and social issues. We apologize to those who felt uncomfortable or hurt because of this.

Big Hit Entertainment has removed the part of the song in question and re-released the new version.
The artist also feels embarrassed and deeply responsible for a problem that has arisen in an area that he did not consider.
Big Hit Entertainment will use this incident as a lesson to conduct its production process more thoroughly.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver