June 1st, 2020

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YG claims Blackpink solo debuts are coming soon... or so

Sources: @oh_mes, @ygfamily

TWICE ~*MORE & MORE*~ Album Listening/Discussion Post

Sources:  TWICE Youtube | JYP Entertainment Youtube

Fave tracks? I really like Shadow and Firework. Wish Oxygen or an extended Shadow could have been the title track and actually think More & More might be the weakest song for me.

3rd Lineup for KCON "KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER"

(G)I-DLE, Victon, Chungha, Ateez, SF9, ITZY, TXT, Bvndit, Oh My Girl, ONF, Astro & N.Flying join the lineup previously announced

Membership also opened today for $20 USD for the week. I'm still not sure how this works? Because it's a lot of people, so how long are the nightly shows? By the schedule it looks like 4 hours a night? Will it be enough time to let them all do a proper show?

source: KCON_Global
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⭐ Throwback Girl Group Battle: Early 2010 ⭐

Time for something a little different! This month's battle is gonna take you back to the past to find some GG hits that kick ass. We're starting off in the first half of 2010, the beginning of the just-passed decade, when the world—and the K-pop world—was a very different place. If you're an older fan, it's time for a trip down nostalgia lane... and if you're a newer fan, here's your chance to discover some new old favorites. Which girl group release will stand the test of time?

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So, now that you've seen the contenders...

Poll #2102198 Who is the winner of this Throwback Girl Group Battle?


After School
Girls' Generation
Miss A
Orange Caramel
T-ara, Davichi, Seeya
Wonder Girls

Omona, which of these songs do you remember and which are new discoveries? Have your opinions on the songs changed over the years? And what do you miss about this era of K-pop?
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The Return of Superman Ep 331

Yideun & Yieum

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Yieum is released from the hospital and after a few weeks at a postnatal clinic, the family finally goes home. I couldn’t live with my family like that lol. Four generations of in-laws under one roof? Wow. I feel like 85% of what we see of Haoh and Gary is just Gary doing memory games with him and screaming “oh my god!” lol. And a sprinkling of trot singers. But today Haoh visit’s Gary’s studio. After William and Bentley have breakfast (Sam should really put those snacks away and an alarm on the fridge), they visit Hayoung and Yeonwoo. For a change, William is the younger kid and Ben gets to take care of someone.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6

BTOB Seo Eunkwang 1st Mini Album Track List and Concept Image

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SOURCE: BTOB on Twitter | Hayoung IG

Concept image reminds me of BTOB's Brother Act =p Still, it looks fresh and pretty. Also, I see Eunkwang everywhere ever since he got discharged. He's been to a couple of variety shows and even doing some dance video with Apink Chorong and Hayoung!
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DeVita and Secret Number's Denise on #BlackLivesMatter

DeVita and Secret Number's Denise have joined other K-pop artists in taking to social media to promote the #BlackLivesMatter movement in light of recent events. DeVita called out the appropriation of Black culture in K-pop, while Denise promoted awareness and antiracist action on Instagram.

Unfortunately, DeVita then decided to unconditionally defend her friend Jay Park despite his history of cultural appropriation and ignorance, and Denise's Instagram account was deactivated only minutes after her posts, leading many to believe that her company forced her to do so.

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Update: DeVita deleted the tweets about Jay and ~apologized:

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Source: Twitter: lilchoster; CYBERDIMENSION (via Instagram: denisethewenise [now unavailable])