June 8th, 2020

Sam Kim
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Lim Youngmin leaves AB6IX after DUI scandal

"Hello, this is Brand New Music.

First of all, we express sincere gratitude to the many fans who give love to AB6IX.
After thorough discussion with AB6IX member Lim Young Min, Lim Young Min’s departure from AB6IX was decided today with respect for his wish to no longer cause harm to the group.

We apologize for causing concern to many fans with the sudden news. In addition, we express our deep apologies to the many people involved in these album promotions due to the team’s situation.

As announced previously, AB6IX will continue promotions as a four-member group, and we will contribute even further effort to support AB6IX for their future.

Lastly, we once again sincerely apologize for having to share disappointing news to the fans who always support and cherish AB6IX, and we will put in our full effort for them to return with more mature music and performances.

We ask for unchanging love and interest for the four members of AB6IX who are working hard on preparing for their comeback even through the difficult situation. Thank you."

Source: @soompi, soompi, ab6ix daum

The Return of Superman Ep 332

Jam Jam

Collapse )

Jam Jam gets a visit from a new uncle. This time it is Jo Kwon! He’s back from the army and trying really hard to win her heart. They get along well, and as expected he’s a lot of fun! After some bonding time with his bffs, the camera uncles/aunt, Haoh goes to the playground and meets some older girls who help him out. Yeonwoo and Hayoung try to learn manners, although it’s probably not as effective as learning from the old master. Then they make a meal with something new. Ben starts his day with some light reading and waiting for some packages. Then their father plans a trip for the family to Australia. When a package is delivered to the wrong address, it’s messager Ben to the rescue! I love that he’s big enough to go on his own adventures now. That cake lol.

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BVNDIT to have follow-up promos with 'Come And Get It'!

BVNDIT ended 'Jungle' promotions with Sunday's Inkigayo stage, and based on this Naver article, they will be having follow-up promotions starting this week with Come And Get It!

Simyeong was really excited to spoil the news during their vlive yesterday 😆

sources: Naver News, @hangboxes

it's not my fave track but yayyyy happy for more bvndit promos! and I'm sure I'll end up loving the song once I see the stage performances with choreo :D

Yena; all eyes on me

It's official: BigHit acquired Pledis - Seventeen's '헹가래' Trailer: A Scene of the Journey "H"

Source: BigHit Labels

i know we had a post confirming it already but seeing this video posted to bighit labels was such a surprise to me today, and to the fans in the youtube comments. it's already received the usual bighit treatment of an unbelievable amount of dislikes, which army/moa are trying to tell carats is "normal".

anyway the video itself is a combination of album/mv teaser & mini-interview with hip-hop unit (the h in the title) talking about the difference in the words "travel" vs. "journey", with wonwoo saying "travel" is more fun whereas "journey" is for a purpose, and coups saying a journey has no ending, which they joked was profound.