June 15th, 2020


"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Official Trailer #2

Struggling with painful pasts, a closed off community health worker and an antisocial children’s book writer are brought together by fate. An unusual romance blooms when they realize they might be the ones to heal each other—will their love be a fairy tale or a nightmare?

Starring Kim Soo-hyun (MY LOVE FROM THE STAR), Seo Yea-ji (HWARANG), and Oh Jung-se (WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS).

Coming to Netflix & tvN June 20

source: The Swoon

The Return of Superman Ep 333

Jam Jam & Haoh

Collapse )

Jam Jam and Haoh go away to the countryside. Haoh is so cute with his camera! I love them together so much. After Yeonwoo makes a little house for Hayoung out of cardboard, their father makes him a karaoke room. Hayoung is starting to speak a lot now! The Hammington's house is very hot, and the boys try to beat the heat. Then the family goes to get some fresh air, and Ben makes a friend.

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IZ*ONE - Oneiric Diary album listening post

0:00 ~ Welcome
1:25 ~ Secret Story of the Swan
4:37 ~ Pretty
7:57 ~ Merry-Go-Round
10:58 ~ Rococo
14:11 ~ With*One
17:50 ~ Secret Story of the Swan (Japanese ver.)
21:03 ~ Merry-Go-Round (Japanese ver.)

source: K-1TheMUSIC

favorite tracks? pretty makes me think of favorite's vavi girl for some reason; idk why! rococo is cute. merry-go-round is definitely my favorite here; i feel like it translated really well too.