June 24th, 2020

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NATURE ‘Girls’ MV (Uncensored) Version

NATURE’s comeback ‘Girls’ had a controversial MV, and now the fans can see the original version that soon had to be in censored. The thumbnail even has a scene that was cut. This version has more gore and implications of physical violence/murder so I’ll put it under a cut just in case!

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Source: Stone Music Entertainment

Now with extra horror!

Park Bo-gum to join Navy in August


Actor Park Bo-gum is expected to join the Navy's military band in August to fulfill his mandatory military service, officials said Wednesday.

Last month, the 26 year-old celebrity applied for a naval military band and honor guard unit. After going through a performance test and interview, he was deemed qualified to be a member specializing in piano, according to the officials.

Park will begin his service on Aug. 31 at the Navy Education and Training Command in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, for basic military training before transferring to the Navy headquarters in the central city of Gyeryong, they added.

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source: Yonhap News
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CHUNG HA Pre-Release Single #2 [ PLAY ] Photo Teasers 2 and 3

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source: @CHUNGHA_MNHent (2)

aside from the weird filter that reminds me of my old photoshop elements days, i like these a lot better than the ones from yesterday. 😂

Judge of Goo Hara's and Jang Jayeon's cases will take on "Nth Room" case

The same judge that acquitted Goo Hara's ex and Jang Ja Yeon's assailant will take on "Nth Room" case.

On the 23rd, MBC's 'PD Notebook' drew attention for covering the handling of sex crime rulings and gender sensitivity of judges that rule on sex crimes contrary to the public's legal sentiment.

Recently, a public petition was filed against Judge A in charge of "Nth Room case." The petitioner asked "for a change in the judge" writing that "the same judge that ruled Goo Hara's ex-boyfriend and Jang Ja Yeon's assailant innocent is the judge assigned to the Nth Room case."

However, this wasn't just a matter involving Judge A. Reportedly, over the past decade, 41.4% of all sex crime rulings received suspended sentences with 71.6% of the criminals avoiding prison. Son Jung-woo who ran the worlds largest child molka site received a 1.5 yr prison sentence in Korea when he would've received at least 15 years in the U.S, sparking criticism that Korea is lenient with sex crimes.
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sources: dailynaver, Star Today