June 29th, 2020


Teaser roundup featuring TOO and IRENE & SEULGI

TOO "Running TOOgether" concept photo

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Omona's Pick: 2020 2nd Quarter Kpop Favorites

Let's look back at our favorite Kpop releases during the second quarter of 2020 (April-June). Feel free to talk about your favorites including but not limited to title tracks or b-sides, MV/visual concept, live performances, choreography, etc.

Here are my personal favorites:

Jungkey - I Know (feat. george)
Listen to this soaring ballad, have your heart broken, and then repeat.

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The Return of Superman Ep 335

Jam Jam

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After a morning dance session, Jam Jam going camping with her father. Soyul’s hair is looking great and I’m jealous. Hayoung goes to the kids café for the first time. She meets with Mido’s son, who is her age too. Then the family goes to pick strawberries. Hayoung is speaking so much and so clear now! Haoh learns about cameras from his bff, and has brunch. Then his father takes him to a counseling center. As expected, his language skills are exceptional lol. Ben spends a leisurely morning alone before waking his brother up. Then the boys go and meet traditional Korean wrestlers. Those are some really nice bodies lol. I also lol’ed at Ben’s almost-cry-face lol.

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Gfriend's 回:Song of the Sirens Concept Photos Broken Room version

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They trended #1 Worldwide on Twitter today! I'm so pumped for this cb!