July 1st, 2020


The End of NetizenBuzz?: Nate to Shut Down Entertaiment Comments section For Good👏

The Korean web portal Nate will now also be removing the comment feature on its entertainment articles, following portals Daum and Naver.

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The end of an (heatred) era indeed! Nate was pretty much the last news portal giving material to socalled "translations blogs"

Source: Naver News via Soompi.com

Song Cover Roundup feat. Chen, Lee Kaeun, Wheein, Ruann, gugudan, Wendy & more!

Dance Cover/Perf Roundup feat. Bomi, Choi Yoojung, GWSN, Sonamoo's Euijin, Mystic Rookies & more!


Gfriend's 回:Song of the Sirens Concept Photos Tilted version

[Indiv + more group teasers]

Source: @SourceMusic

I'm honestly living for these! I like the monotone vibe to them

IRENE & SEULGI "Monster" teasers

Mood Sampler #2 Midnight Reflections(EDP)

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S. Korea curbs minors' YouTube appearances & content

South Korea announced a set of guidelines for minors' appearances on YouTube and content on Tuesday in an effort to protect their human rights.

The measures, unveiled by the Korea Communications Commission, advise children and teens not to appear on YouTube or other internet broadcasting programs for three or more hours on end.

They will also be recommended not to emcee live internet broadcasting programs or appear on them for six hours a day, and not to appear on programs between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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source: Yonhap News

Jooyoung - "요를붙이는사이 (feat.⁣ Heize)" MV Teaser

Source: STARSHIPXent
Marc Pumkin

BTS Taehyung teases first mixtape

Taehyung came to twitter today to give us a sneak peak from his first mixtape. He's still working on it but it should be out hopefully soon.

Source: BTS Twitter

English Tae is coming with his Netflix and chill songs.