July 4th, 2020

aoa cancelled

Mina reveals she met up with all members of AOA at her house, Jimin apologizes for her behaviour

Follow up to this post

AOA's Mina has revealed that the members including Jimin met up to discuss bullying revelations.

Mina revealed the news with a post on her Instagram on the 4th writing:

"First of all, I'm sorry that I couldn't stand my emotions today and caused a lot of people to suffer. I'm sorry that so many people came to my house and worried about me, but there were a lot of things that celebrities shouldn't do or talk about. I'm just so sorry.
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sources: dailynaver, @kvwowv

There are plans to relauch "Youth Over Flowers" with "Hospital Playlist" cast

Omona, would you like your favorite drama casts to go on and do variety shows together?

source: theseoulstory via tvdaily
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[⋆~Omona exclusive~⋆] Gone But Not Forgotten: SPICA

In this series I want to go through groups that are gone, but not forgotten. I will go from debut till disbandment or [indefinite] hiatus, remembering the time we had together and look back on their highs and lows.


Spica was a South Korean girl group formed in 2012 under B2M Entertainment. The group consisted of Kim Boa, Park Sihyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon and Kim Bohyung. They officially disbanded on February 6, 2017. Collapse )
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This one was also highly requested. Let me know what you think about this week? Do you miss Spica? What do you think was their main reason for lacking success as a group? What would you have done differently? Favorite song? Member? Concept? Would love to hear your opinion on this group. As always, thank you for stopping by ♥
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(TW: Bullying) AOA’s Jimin Posts Apology Following Mina’s Allegations About Bullying + Mina Responds

On July 4, AOA’s Jimin issued a personal statement in response to the allegations that she had bullied former member Mina.

Yesterday, Mina shared a series of posts on Instagram in which she said that she had been subject to years of harassment from Jimin during her time as an AOA member. The next day, Mina shared what she said would be her final post on the matter and said that the AOA members, including Jimin, had come to her home to discuss the issue.Collapse )

Sources: Soompi, Naver

If you or a person you know are having suicidal thoughts and need help, don't hesitate to call one of the numbers on this list.

Woori Actors releases statement regarding health and future plans of former AOA member Mina

Woori Actors, the agency of former AOA member Mina, has released an official statement regarding the current status of Mina and their plans moving forward.

On July 3, Mina took to her personal Instagram account to detail her experience of years of harassment from fellow AOA member Jimin. On July 4, Mina shared that Jimin and the other members of AOA had come to her home to discuss what had happened, and she would not be speaking on the matter anymore.

Her agency has now released a statement, which reads as follows:

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Source: Naver via Soompi

Wonho announces his fandom name!!!

Wonho announced it via Vlive, it was his first Vlive since he annouced the channel a couple of months ago. Click here to watch the vid

Souce Wonho's Twitter Vlive

Will the Vlive King be more active on there now? I remember he used to stay up until like 4am talking to fans and there was that one time he was on for like 3 hours.

He seemed so nervous in the vid, his hands were shaking when he was cutting the cake :(