July 9th, 2020


10 Years with Girl's Day

Happy Anniversary Girl's Day! Their debut song was released on July 7th, and the debut EP was released on the 9th. The members got together to take cute pics to celebrate!

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They uploaded LOTS more pics on their Instagrams! Omona, what's your fav Girl's Day song/memory? "Twinkle Twinkle" will always have a special place in my heart.

source: bbang_93, yura_936, ssozi_sojin, hyeri_0609

Insiders question effectiveness of disabling comments on entertainment news

Insiders question the effectiveness of disabling comments on entertainment news; "Sulli Act" reportedly no longer in talks

Following the recent shutdown of the comment sections of entertainment news articles on Korea’s main portal sites, EDaily spoke to insiders who said that more needs to be done to combat malicious comments.

Recently, the portal Nate followed Naver and Daum in making the decision to disable the comment feature on its articles about entertainment news. The change went into effect on July 7.

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Source: Naver via Soompi

Netizen opens a "digital prison" for controversial judges that give light sentences to sex offenders

A netizen has opened a "digital prison" amid growing voices condemning the court's decision not to repatriate Son Jung-woo, the operator of the world's [Trigger Warning: Mention of child abuse]largest child molka (child hidden camera/child porn) site "Welcome To Video."

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Source: Naver via Daily Naver
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(TW: Suicide) Mayor of Seoul found dead at 64 years old

On Wednesday night, a former employee lodged a complaint for sexual harassement. This employee declared to the police she wasn't the only one he sexually harassed. The day after, Park Won-Soon left his house and never returned. His daughter gave the alert.

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Source: ABC News, Keug Yoon "Becky

I'm not sure if "sexual harassment" is the right term because some medias talk about "sexual assault" but the Korean authorities still haven't clarified (will they ?). Good riddance to this coward. I truly hope his last victim won't feel guilty.