July 10th, 2020


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Flashback Friday

I forgot it was Friday and I forgot and wasn’t prepared lol. I’ve started taking afternoon naps after lunch. Anyways! Every week I check the charts for this day in the past the share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 2nd week of July, 2013. All the songs have been posted before so this time we’ll check out some comeback stages.

#3 Lim Kim “Alright”
After her Togeworl duo-mate (is there such a word? bandmate? is it band with two people?) had to leave the county, she made her solo debut with this song instead. This was a big hit (still her highest charting song and biggest seller), and would peak at #2. I remember the music video for this, but I don’t remember the live stages at all. I think I prefer the song and the MV over the live stages.

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source: Mnet K-POP, MBCkpop 1 2 3, Golden Disc Awards & soompi

"SF8" is Korean equivalent of Netflix Original "Black Mirror"

"SF8," the Korean equivalent of the "Black Mirror" anthology series, unravels philosophical questions throughout each episode's futurist premise, including the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

This anthology piece, created by eight different directors, is comprised of eight episodes that each last over 50 minutes ― "The Prayer," "Manxin," "Blink," "Empty Body," "Joan's Galaxy," "Love Virtually," "Baby it's over outside" and "White Crow."

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source: The Korea Times

Han Seo Hee revealed to have violated her probation after testing positive for drugs, now in custody

Han Seo Hee is in custody after testing positive for drugs.

A Justice Ministry official revealed to STAR News that "after an unexpected urine test on Han Seo Hee that came back positive, she has been confirmed to be in custody at a related facility."

The official also revealed, "the probation office has applied to the court to cancel Han Seo Hee's suspended sentence. The action will be taken in accordance with the court's decision."

In September 2017, Han Seo Hee was sentenced to a suspended three year prison sentence for four years probation for smoking marijuana with Big Bang TOP.

Han Seo Hee since then made her Instagram private.

sources: dailynaver, STAR news

BTS's next comeback in August ?!

The devil works hard but BTS works harder. The group is getting ready for its next comeback, sooner than we expected (ok than I expected).
Indeed, today, the owner of the Naver blog "Smeraldo Flower" wrote that his shop will open in late August.

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Source: AniqOg@Twitter via Flower Smeraldo Naver Blog, Flower Smeraldo Facebook 1, 린다 ʟɪɴᴅᴀ [s-ʜ]@Animo, SCMP

I'm ready for my first comeback even if they probably won't be able to promote it in the traditional way or even tour. We'll have some MV at least. With Jin's enlistment next year, 2021 is going to be pack for them if we finally get a vaccine. But they always repeat how bored they are so they must feel anxious.
For everybody who feel sorry for Jimin's vocal cords, Jin said in his last Eat Jin, that he practices hard (hopefully with a skilled coach).