July 13th, 2020

Woozi laughing but not
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Seventeen - Left & Right Promotion Roundup (Media heavy)

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I started this much too late, so this is a week too late. I enjoyed this era so so much, it felt like Seventeen and especially Scoups too were so at ease and relaxed this comeback that it rubbed off on the fans too and made it really fun for everyone. It was pretty much perfect.
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'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' episodes 7 & 8 discussion post

Title: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (English title) / Psycho But It's Okay (literal title)
Hangul: 사이코지만 괜찮아
Director: Park Shin-woo
Writer: Jo Yong
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 20, 2020
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00 (KST)

SYNOPSIS: A story about a man employed in a psychiatric ward and a woman, with an antisocial personality disorder, who is a popular writer of children's books.

Moon Kang-Tae (Kim Soo-Hyun) works in the psychiatric ward. His job is to write down the patients' conditions and to deal with unexpected situations, like if patients fight or they run away. He only earns about 1.8 million won (~$1,600 USD) a month. The woman (Seo Ye-Ji) is a popular writer of children's literature, but she is extremely selfish, arrogant and rude.

CAST: Kim Soo-Hyun as Moon Kang-tae, Seo Ye-Ji as Go Moon-Young, Oh Jung-se as Moon Sang-Tae, Park Kyu-Young as Nam Joo-Ri.


Drama info from AsianWiki. Picture from tvN's twitter.


idc if it's moving slowly, the main actors and the production are top notch.


iKON's Jinhwan and Junhoe revealed to have been involved in an accident due to drunk driver

Two iKON members Kim Jinhwan and Koo Junhoe have been involved in a traffic accident.

According to a report by the Gyeongnam Provincial Newspaper on the 13th, Jinhwan and Junhoe got into an accident at 3:40am on the same day while riding in a van headed for the south sea towards National Road 3 in Changseon-myeon, Namhae-gun. The van slid in the rainy road and hit the retaining wall along the highway.

The driver, including Jinhwan and Junhoe who were on board the vehicle and were treated for injuries at a nearby hospital.

A local police revealed in a statement, "It was rain accident caused by drunk driving. Their driver, Mr. A had alcohol in his system when he drove. We're still investigating the exact situation."

Because of this, the criticism of the two members including driver A are growing among netizens. Netizens are criticizing A for driving drunk but others are also asking why the members didn't stop A from driving if he was drunk.

In addition, it's fortunate that no one was seriously injured from the accident since they hit a retaining wall but if they had collided with other vehicles, that could've led to other injuries.

In the meantime, YG Entertainment has yet to release a statement.

sources: dailynaver, naver

What's your name?

Do you ever check a group, read their name and go

From unsearchable name, to stupid meaning, we've seen a lot.
Sadly, I don't think we have enough for a full on contest à la "sexiest female idol"; but we do have enough for a good laugh and an interesting discussion.

Here's  a few things we could talk about:

  • "Google search"  - How am I supposed to get invested in a group I can't even find?

  • "Google translate" - When the meaning in another language is bad/gross/funny

  • "Fake deep" - Labels always came up with those crazy explanation and sometimes they should just leave a bit of mystery.  (ex: Mamamoo - "It signifies the sound that babies make. 'MAMA' means mother. So it means that we want to approach our listeners organically and instinctively with our music." WHO COMES UP WITH THAT SHIT?) 

  • "You sound ridiculous you should sue" - The name is just plain bad

  • Bonus:  "What did you call me?" - Bad/stupid/crazy fandom name

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