July 18th, 2020


"Peninsula" tops 1 million admissions


The zombie action film "Peninsula" topped 1 million admissions in South Korea on Saturday, the fourth day of its run, the film's distributor said.

Released Wednesday, the sequel to the 2016 megahit zombie blockbuster "Train to Busan" attracted 1.01 million viewers as of 8:10 a.m., according to Next Entertainment World Co., or NEW.

Its pace matched that of the 2014 drama "Ode to My Father," the fourth-most watched film at the South Korean box office with a total of 14.3 million moviegoers.

On the opening day, it drew 350,000 viewers to set the highest first-day score in 2020.

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When's the last time you were at the movies, Omona?

source: The Korea Times

Choose your favorite Kim Soo-hyun

Who isn’t at least a little bit in love with Kim Soo-hyun? We love him as a bumbling country boy, an alien stranded on Earth, a rookie producer harboring a helpless crush, and now a dedicated caretaker and younger brother. He makes us laugh, cry, and swoon with those intense eyes—how can we pick only ONE Kim Soo-hyun? 😭

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source: The Swoon