July 21st, 2020

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Introducing: Lunarsolar

A new girl group is due to debut by JPLANET Entertainment - they’re the company behind N.CA. It’s a 4 member group and it looks like their age group is 19-20 year olds (2000 and 2001 born). It looks like no official date has been announced but looks like they’ll be debuting soon.

Learn about the members under the cut!

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Check out their YouTube channel and TikTok profile (here)
for more pre debut content to learn about the girls!

Source: promo video and dance covers from JPLANET ENTERTAINMENT, Lunarsolar.official, kprofiles
nayeon tonight show

TWICE Announces Online Concert “World In A Day” Through “Beyond LIVE” Platform

(fyi- video above is just a moving poster they’ve repeated a few times)

Poster under the cut:

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TWICE will soon be greeting fans through an online concert!

“Beyond LIVE” is an online performance platform that aims to create a brand new concert experience that is optimized to the online experience. It features technology such as live sync camera walking, enhanced 3D graphics, and also connects to light sticks that fans have at home so they can change in color and pattern according to the song.

As a platform launched collaboratively by SM Entertainment and Naver, “Beyond LIVE” has already hosted concerts for many groups under SM Entertainment, but non-SM artists will also have concerts through the service. TWICE will be the first artist not under SM Entertainment to do so.

“Beyond LIVE – TWICE: World in A Day” will take place on August 9 at 3 p.m. KST via V LIVE. Further information regarding the concert will be revealed at a later date.

Source: bippi92, @twicetags, S.Nam at Soompi

Teaser roundup featuring Hyoyeon, Lee Hi, Ateez & (G)I-DLE

HYO "DESSERT" teaser photos

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The Return of Superman Ep 338


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Haoh builds buildings with his father, and then they do a bit of recycling. And a bit of upcyling too. Ben keeps playing with the toilet, so his father tries a fix that worked with William. The family also goes to visit their friend Sabin, where Ben gets a little lost. The Do family wants to start selling merchandise for charity. Lastly we meet a new family. I’m actually very surprised that the show left their segment in, but I guess they had to because it was such a huge chunk of time. We meet with actor Shin Hyunjoon and his sons Minjoon and Yejoon. The family left the show after this one episode, after allegations about Hyunjoon surfaced last week.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6

SOMI "What You Waiting For" MV teaser 3

Source: @somi_official_, THEBLACKLABEL

EDIT: Put the Twitter video instead. The original Youtube teaser was removed by Black Label (which is so odd to me)


Insider reveals Naver has finalised heavy investment in SM following YG acquisition, netizens react

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Source: @dailynaver, Naver via Daily Naver
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Chung Ha for Marie Claire

Promoting the Dolce & Gabbana beauty line.

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Source: Marie Claire Korea Twitter, Marie Claire Korea

I didn't realize she endorsed their beauty line until today. I really like her berry lipstick. D&G stays trash though.

Wonho to reportedly make his solo debut in August

Get ready, Wenees!

UPDATE: Nevermind! Highline says he's still working on the album and no release date set yet

source: balloon_wanted via daum

It's been a while - blind items post! ☕️

1: Idol star A, who is gaining popularity for his innocent image, is infamous for his rough, free-spirited private life unlike his image. A is worrying others because he's been obsessed with R-rated films. A is very much into a hard-core genre. A's schedules have been cut short for various reasons. He spends his free time with R-rated contents. A has unusual preferences and his actual attitude is also thoughtless and rough. He doesn't have good reputation from his friends and girlfriends he met after debuting. Because of his preferences, he had a lot of conflicts with his girlfriends as well. But there's no one in his agency who can stop A's unusual preferences, so they can't do anything but sigh.
A =
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