July 29th, 2020

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Nana Talks About Her “Into The Ring” Character + Her Co-Star Park Sung Hoon's Photoshoot/Interview

-Her first foray into rom-com turned out better than expected, she was pleased that her fiery and tenacious character got a lot of positive feedback. And that not doubting herself or the work and having confidence of feeling that it's right is what she strives for in the future.

-“In some scenes, I can appear like I’m ruining my image, but you can’t always be pretty when you’re acting. It’s nice to look pretty on the screen, but I don’t try to do that.”

-On her chemistry with her co-star: “I think our coordination when we act is really great because we get along in many ways outside of acting. It’s so fun when we have a lot of ideas while we act and we discuss them, and we can’t stop laughing on set because we have the same sense of humor.”

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Is anyone here watching Into the Ring? It's fantastic and Nana is killing it there. She's a kick-ass/takes charge female character who fights for justice!
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Mnet Confirms Reports That “Kingdom” Will Not Air This Year

After it was reported by Ilgan Sports that Mnet’s “Kingdom” will not be airing within the year, Mnet confirmed this to be true.

A source from Mnet stated to Hankook Ilbo, “It was a shame that we could only record ‘Road to Kingdom’ without an audience due to the prolongation of COVID-19. The producers are having discussions about showcasing ‘Kingdom’ with a different structure, and unfortunately, the show will no longer be part of this year’s lineup. In the second half of the year, we have ‘I-LAND‘ Part 2, ‘CAP-TEEN,’ and ‘Show Me the Money 9‘ prepared. Please show lots of interest [in these shows].”

“Kingdom” will be the follow-up program to “Road to Kingdom,” which involved a competition between boy groups PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, VERIVERY, ONEUS, and TOO. The Boyz, as the winner of “Road to Kingdom,” earned a ticket to compete on “Kingdom.” The rest of the lineup has yet to be confirmed.

Sources: soompi, Naver (1), Naver (2).

The Return of Superman Ep 339


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KBS weird with the uploads this week. The English captions kept disappearing. Some celebrations to celebrate this week. First up is Haoh, and he celebrates his 1000th birthday. Gary prepares a day filled with his favorite things. Then, it’s William’s birthday. Ben is now old enough to help prepare surprises for his big brother. Well, almost lol. With the help of his own kids, Park Hyunbin decides to start a kids’ trot group, and they hold auditions. Yeonwoo and Hayoung are still trying to sell their father’s hoodies, but now their mom has come to help.

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K-Pop stocks bounce back strong from pandemic blow

K-pop stocks are rapidly bouncing back from pandemic lows as investors are increasingly buying the stocks on the rosy outlook for further expansion of K-pop fandoms and new business models.

The nation’s top three labels -- S.M. Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment -- are leading the upbeat mood, while excitement is also building up for Big Hit Entertainment’s planned stock debut possibly later this year.

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Source: Korea Herald