July 31st, 2020


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ILUV's agency takes legal action against former member Minah

On July 30, ILUV’s agency WKS ENE announced that they have taken legal action against former ILUV member Minah.

Earlier this month, Minah came forward with claims of harassment from her fellow ILUV members. WKS ENE denied these claims and both sides revealed their plans to take legal action.

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Source: choco._.ah, Naver via Soompi

Court to review arrest warrant for Shincheonji founder for allegedly disrupting anti-virus efforts

A court will hold a hearing Friday to determine whether to issue an arrest warrant for the founder of a minor religious sect over alleged obstruction of the government's efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The decision for Lee Man-hee, the leader of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, is expected to be made later in the day or early Saturday.

Earlier this month, the Suwon District Court issued the warrants for the sect's three senior officials who face similar allegations to those of their leader.

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source: The Korea Times

Netflix reshapes Korean TV industry trends

While the Korean TV drama industry is witnessing a rapid change in its success formula ― shifting its emphasis from the domestic scene to the global market ― streaming giant Netflix is playing a major role, offering lucrative deals and a doorway to international traction that local production studios cannot resist.

And local viewership is no longer a key metric.

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source: The Korea Times

Reality TV K-pop act rocks music scene while raising questions of fairness

From its inception, SSAK3, a one-off K-pop team created for MBC TV's weekend variety show "Hang Out With Yoo," was intended to be a silly tongue-in-cheek project, riding on the coattails of the retro boom in today's pop culture landscape.

At best, the co-ed trio, formed of two late '90s-2000s singers -- Lee Hyo-ri of girl group FIN.K.L and male soloist Rain -- and top-billed comedian-emcee Yoo Jae-suk, was expected to offer a dose of wholesome feel-good '90s nostalgia to viewers and, in doing so, a much needed boost in ratings for the TV network currently undergoing a serious financial crunch.

What SSAK3 (word play on "ssaksseuri," a Korean slang term for "clean sweep") actually ended up delivering is no laughing matter. The project group has exploded into one of this summer's biggest K-pop acts to date.

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I remember similar criticism when the Infinite Challenge Song Festival songs would dominate the charts every summer lol. But cry harder, I'm still jamming to "Naengmyun" 11 years later because they delivered bops!

source: Yonhap News
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[⋆~Omona exclusive~⋆] Gone But Not Forgotten: CRAYON POP

In this series I want to go through groups that are gone, but not forgotten. I will go from debut till disbandment or [indefinite] hiatus, remembering the time we had together and look back on their highs and lows.

Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop was a South Korean girl group formed under Chrome Entertainment in 2012. The group consisted of five members: Geummi, Ellin, Choa, Way and Soyul. On 19 April 2017, the group announced their contracts with Chrome Media had ended in March and they had gone their separate ways, although they would not be officially disbanding. On 30 May, it was revealed that Way, Choa, Geummi and Ellin would continue to promote as Crayon Pop under Chrome Entertainment, but Soyul had chosen to leave the group.

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Nine Muses, 4Minute, Girl's Day, Sistar, Secret, Orange Caramel, Rainbow, 2NE1, Dalshabet, Stellar, Miss A, After School, Spica, Hello Venus, Wonder Girls, f(x).

Crayon Pop's Wikipedia, Strawberry Milk Wikipedia, Aminoapps, THE K-POP, Mnet K-POP, ALL THE K-JAM, WayLand, hkgolden

Crayon Pop was one of my favorite groups and I still watch and listen to them a lot! They are great if you need some energy. Such an unique group. They really all acted their part and gave it their all. I followed them since their debut and it was such a great journey, I remember being so happy for them when they finally got a hit with bar bar bar. I 10/10 recommend Way's YouTube channel and My Universe is really pretty. I really miss them as a group, but given their ages I wasn't surprised they stopped promoting as a group. I'm just glad they still get along well and are able to look back upon their time in a good way.
Let me know what your favorite song/concept/style/member was? Did you enjoy Crayon Pop?

Flashback Friday

Last day of July! Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s look back and see what was on top for the 5th week of July, 2016. A nice mix of songs this week!

#3 Seventeen “Very Nice”
This song was the lead single from the repackage of the group’s first album. I think this is my earliest memory of them? I think it’s the suspenders lol. I love suspenders. Still not clear what’s going on in the music video. She’s…just killing them? Making their hearts explode? Is that what’s happening here? With her mind? What kind of power? And looking so unbothered by these boys. I love that energy lol.

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source: 1theK 1 2, JYP Entertainment, BEAST Official YouTube Channel, SMTOWN & kbsworld
Carreta furacão

Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Jessi, and Hwasa to debut in a project girl group

A month ago, Lee Hyori had shared on MBC's "놀면 뭐하니 (How Do You Play?)" that she wanted to form the ultimate girl group Uhm Junghwa, Jessi, and MAMAMOO's Hwasa

Now it's reported that MBC production has arranged this reunion and all of the stars met on the filming set on July 31st for "환불원정대".

This new project girl group to be named "Refund Squad" will be debuting sometime this year.

Source: IlganSports.
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ONF #SukhumvitSwimming Concept Photo Teasers

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MIZUGUCHI YUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!