August 6th, 2020

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(TW) Ex-AOA Member Mina clarifies worrying post and opens up about other members being bystanders

Warning: discussion of suicide and self-harm.

Former AOA member Mina has posted on her Instagram account to share her thoughts.

In July, Mina wrote a series of posts with details about being bullied by her former member Jimin for several years, and Jimin left the group after this was revealed. On August 5, Mina shared an update with her fans through an Instagram broadcast and said she was doing well.

On August 6, Mina uploaded a graphic photo of her wrist on her Instagram and wrote the following post:

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Wishing the best to Mina :(

If you would like to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to seek help and reach out. Click here for a list of international hotlines that you can call, and if you can’t find your country listed, please call your local emergency number.
Woozi laughing but not
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2PM’s Nichkhun Files For Restraining Order Against Stalker

2PM’s Nichkhun has filed a request for a restraining order against a woman who has been stalking him.

News1 has reported that according to legal circles, the Seoul Central District Court held the first questioning date on August 5 for the request that Nichkhun submitted.

The court listened to statements from Nichkhun and the accused woman (referred to as “Kim”) and a decision will be made after going over both of their statements.

It’s been shared that Nichkhun filed the request on July 6.

A source from JYP Entertainment told News1, “We are considering steps such as filing a criminal complaint [against ‘Kim’], and we plan to take a strong response and show no leniency.” They added, “The artist is under endless mental stress, and it’s to a severe degree.”

source: @soompi, soompi, naver

Is this the first time an idol files a restraining order? I can't remember any instances. Good for him, hope it goes through!

Gummy & Jo Jung Suk welcome a baby girl


Celebrity couple Jo Jung Suk and Gummy are now parents!

On August 6, Jo Jung Suk’s agency released the following statement:

"This is JAM Entertainment.

We are sharing news that actor Jo Jung Suk and singer Gummy have welcomed a new family member, and the mother and baby are both healthy. Gummy gave birth to their first daughter at a hospital in Seoul on the morning of August 6.

The couple and their family are overjoyed at the birth of their first child. We express sincere gratitude for the support and congratulatory messages from many people, and we ask for blessings towards their family that has welcomed a new family member."

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy got married in October 2018 after five years of dating, and Gummy’s pregnancy was announced in January of this year.

Congratulations to the family!

source: soompi via naver

"Mukbang" YouTubers face criticism for hiding paid advertisements

Famous "mukbang" YouTubers with millions of subscribers have come under fire for hiding the fact that they were being paid to advertise certain products.

Starting Tuesday, a number of YouTubers began issuing apologies admitting that they deliberately or "accidentally" failed to notify viewers about paid advertisements in their videos.

YouTuber "Eat with Boki", better known by her real name, Moon Bo-ki, uploaded an apology to her YouTube community, Tuesday. "I admit and apologize for not mentioning paid promotions in some of my videos." Moon has more than 4.6 million subscribers and hundreds of mukbang videos on her channel.

Tzuyang, another YouTuber with 2.67 million subscribers, uploaded a video Wednesday saying, "I am sorry that I did not fully inform viewers about commercial sponsorship, and promise to notify viewers of all advertisements from now on."

However, as internet users speculated that she could have been involved in tax evasion and fraud, Tzuyang announced plans to quit YouTube the next day.

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Omona, do you watch mukbangs? The only one I've really ever watched was Hamzy.

source: The Korea Times