September 19th, 2020

Marc Pumkin

Survival show I-LAND's new group "ENHYPEN" to debut this year

The last episode of the survival show I-LAND aired on the 18th September with BTS and TXT in attendance. The 7 chosen members will form "ENHYPEN" and will debut before the end of the year under BELIFT LAB (a new company created by both Big Hit Ent. and CJ ENM in 2018).

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Members' Photos:

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Source: ENHYPEN Twitter, BELIFT LAB Twitter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I didn't realise they were that young so I feel ancient but they are adorable.
Marc Pumkin

BTS gave a speech for the "First National Youth Day" at the Blue House

On the 19th September, BTS was invited by President Moon Jae and the first lady Kim Jung Sook at the Blue House for the inaugural ceremony of the first national youth day to deliver a speech.
They also created a purple time capsule that will be opened in 2039, for the 20th Youth Day. For the time being, the capsule will be strored at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in Seoul.

Source: KTV YT, Soompi, The Korea Times

Thank you Namjoon for wearing that and look at Jimin being the only one who memorized his part.

Park Choa (formerly of AOA) returns to instagram, opens a youtube channel

While Choa has already recently made news due to appearing on an OST and signing with a new company , yesterday she posted for the first time since last year on her instagram and opened a youtube channel, posting a maroon 5 cover to officially kick it off -

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Sources - 초아 CHOA , queenchoa_ and asianjunkie for the translation.



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Source: Mnet K-POP