September 20th, 2020


Choose your favorite Lee Ji-eun

They say nothing’s impossible, but that’s definitely not true because we just can’t choose a favorite Lee Ji-eun (IU)—a bright-eyed starlet in the making, a sassy hotel boss, a plucky time-traveler, a world-weary young woman whose pain cuts deep. Each of her characters deserves to be loved; tell us your favorite and why! 😍

I think the only drama of hers that I really committed to was Scarlet Heart, but I lost interest towards the end.

source: The Swoon

(TW: sexual harrassment) Afreeca streamer Eoungdu alleges she was forced by famous K to strip

Afreeca livestreamer Eoungdu alleges she was forced by famous livestreamer K to strip and pour alcohol at a drinking party; K denies the allegations

Famous BJ K has addressed allegations that he forced BJ Eoungdu to strip and pour alcohol.

In a broadcast held on the 16th, BJ K stated on an Afreeca live stream, "A total 8 people were at the drinking party. I never forced her to take off her clothes. She took off the clothes on her own while playing a game."

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Source: Naver via Daily Naver