September 22nd, 2020


Teaser roundup featuring Blackpink, SuperM, H&D, UP10TION, BDC & WEi

Blackpink "The Album" Jisoo teaser poster #2

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(TW) Jang Jane reveals to have been sexually assaulted in the past

Singer Jang Jane updated her personal Instagram on 22 September 2020 with a long caption that detailed her past experience with being sexually assaulted:

"Thank you. The album started due to that incident.

A year after it happened, when I was 19, I received news that the perpetrator had been properly caught. The person who did that to me and left, was apparently a male that was similar in age to me then. But what was the most difficult part then, was that he had become like that, due to other kids torturing him as well.

One winter, I was just passing by and they saw me and apparently promised that if he did that to me, they wouldn’t bother him. The reason why it was hard for me to hear about this reason, is that if he is a victim too, what does that make me? What becomes of my experience? That was what crushed my heart the most.

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Everglow - [-77.82X-78.29] Album Listening Post

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I'm enjoying the heck out of this mini, the 3 B-sides are all bops?!

Favorite tracks on the album?

La Di Da
Gxxd Boy
No good reason

BTS will be guests for a week on "The Tonight Show"

BTS will be on "The Tonight Show" for 5 nights starting Monday, Sept. 28th. They will "participate in comedy bits and a virtual interview with Jimmy Fallon. They will then serve as the lead guest on the episode airing Wednesday, Sept. 30". They will obviously perform "Dynamite" on one night.

Source: The Tonight Show, Entertainment Weekly

Oh God, the sketches are going to be a mess, aren't they ?
I hope the 4 others songs will be some they don't sing a lot. Doing promo for a month old song... The Grammys will hopefully take note.

Blackpink "The Album" Jennie teasers

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Edit to add in 2nd poster. I hate that YG posts them hours apart.

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TWICE New Japanese Single ‘Better’ Out November 18th

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The girls will be releasing their new Japanese title track ‘Better’ with the companion song ‘Scorpion’ on November 18th!

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from the silhouette, there seems to be four members. ujungs speculate it's jobless (atm) gang, soobin, luda, yeoreum for sure with maybe dayoung or yeonjung as the fourth member? i will riot if chocoball yorm is not in a unit called chocome tbh even without my stan goggles for her.