September 26th, 2020



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so far these are reminding me of orange caramel so my expectations are getting higher
Woozi laughing but not
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Girl group XUM make racially insensitive comments + company&members apologize

In May, a video was posted of the three members of XUM (back then they were still part of the now disbanded group NeonPunch) taking a DNA test designed to reveal the ethnicities in their heritage. Before taking the test, the members gave their predictions for each other’s heritages.

First, Baekah suggested that Iaan may have Filipino heritage in her bloodline. However, Iaan quickly seemed to correct her, saying “Vietnam” before laughing. Next, Dayeon said she thinks Iaan has DNA from Ghana. Immediately upon hearing Dayeon’s comment, Iaan began acting embarrassed, laughing, and making a “no” symbol with her hands. The subtitles then describe Iaan as “the girl between two exceptionally white members“ with a grey filter placed on her image.

In a separate scene, Baekah said she believes she has African heritage, to which Dayeon agreed, "because Baekah has a really loud voice“ and proceeded to imitate a person shouting.

The subtitles then ask "A white-skinned Baekah from Africa?". Baekah responded by comparing Dayeon to a Native American tribal chieftain and asked her, “Do you feel like an Indian chief?”

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source: XUM Youtube (deleted) via @CYBERPUNK127, @official_xum 2, koreaboo, malaymail
Woozi laughing but not
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Former AOA member Mina parts ways with her agency to focus on resting

On September 26, Woori Actors announced that Mina had parted ways with the agency earlier this month after a long discussion about her future. The idol-turned-actress had first signed with the agency only four months earlier.

A representative of Woori Actors commented, “After careful and thorough discussion with Kwon Mina, we have ended up terminating her contract. Kwon Mina is planning to take a break and rest for the time being.”

Woori Actors’ management of Mina’s activities officially ended after her birthday on September 21, when the agency handled the receipt and delivery of fans’ gifts for the star.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver