October 10th, 2020

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Sera, Soyeon, Soyul, And Gayoung Open Up About Their Hardships As Idols on "Miss Back"

[Warning, this is gonna make you angry and sad]

There's a new show called "Miss Back" that is a mix of documentary and variety. It follows a group of “forgotten” female singers who are hoping for a second chance at success. The show is headed by Baek Ji Young, who will be the the singers’ producer and life mentor.
The eight idols on the show are Gayoung from STELLAR, Nada from Wassup, Raina from After School, Sera from 9MUSES, Soyeon from T-ara, Soyul from Crayon Pop, Subin (Dalsooobin) from Dal Shabet, and Jung Yujin from The Ark.

In the first episode, Sera, Soyul and Gayoung talked about their experiences as idols.

9MUSES member Sera was up first, and began, “We filmed a documentary before our debut. It showed a scene where our boss slapped me in the face with rolled-up paper. Even after I left the group, that clip followed me for a long time.”

“Things have changed a lot now, but back then we had to do everything we were told,” she said. “We were wearing garter belts for our first broadcast. It was the first time I’d ever even heard of garter belts.”

“I couldn’t stop crying in the washroom,” Sera continued. “I couldn’t stop crying after seeing myself and the girls who were high school students wearing that. After an hour, I went out and filmed for 10 minutes and then went back in. Afterward, I was fired [as leader].”

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TXT - minisode1 : Blue Hour - Concept Photo AR Ver. teasers (image heavy)

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TWICE’s 2nd Full Album “Eyes wide open” Tracklist: Title Track ‘“I Can’t Stop Me”

Information on the 2nd Full Album:
- 13 Songs
- Some familiar names who contributed to the album (composing or writing lyrics) is LDN Noise, Melanie Joy Fontana, Heize (OP is excited!), Dua Lipa, MNEK, collapsedone, earattack
@lovesicksana on Twitter did a good job connecting who has worked on what!
- JYP wrote ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ lyrics
- For members contributing lyrics this time around, we have:

Jihyo for ‘Up No More’
Sana for ‘Do What We Like’
Dahyun for ‘Queen’ and ‘Bring It Back’
Chaeyoung for ‘Handle It’
Nayeon for ‘Depend On You’

Under the cut is a preview of what the album is going to look like. We’re going to get a Story Version, Style Version, and Retro Version. (!!!)

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Tracklist: @JYPETWICE
Album Information: @JYPETWICE
Artists/Producers involved: @lovesicksana

KCON:TACT ALL-ACCESS "Ep 9. SF9: Glorious Moment"

SF9 has always been with KCON since its debut and without question, they joined us again for KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER. After their successful world tour, the boys are full of dedication for the stage with many new stories to tell, plus the behind-the-scenes of the first-ever collaboration of Chanhee, the maknae of SF9, and Rocky of ASTRO and their 10 years of friendship.

Watch all episodes uninterrupted with YouTube Premium now, or wait to watch each new episode every day free with ads.

source: SF9
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Remember the self-insert drama "Dramaworld"? There's a second season coming!

Dramaworld is a comedy-drama from 2016 which was co-produced by viki. The series followed the adventures of Claire Duncan, an American college student and huge fan of Korean Dramas, after getting transported to her favorite show with a touch of magic.

The award-winning production house Third Culture Content recently completed a second season of the romantic comedy (op note: reportedly 10 eps). It will see the return of Hewson (Bombshell, The Santa Clarita Diet), Dulake (Operation Chromite) and Chon (The Twilight Saga, Gook) and the addition of notable new cast members: Daniel Dae Kim (The Good Doctor, Lost), Brett Gray (On My Block), k-pop star Henry Lau (A Dog’s Journey, Double World), and actress Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden, Manhunt), along with more cameos from k-pop and k-drama stars.

source: @dramaworldtv, forbes, wikipedia

Liz Hewson was delightful on Santa Clarita Diet, so even when i never finished the first season of this, I'll check out the second to watch them! Also fan favorite Daniel Dae Kim is part of this!
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Shin Min Ah Touches On Relationship With Kim Woo Bin And Speaks About Female-Driven Films

-The stunning beauty did an interview to promote her new film "Dive" about female divers. Said that she took the film after a 6 year hiatus from film because it was a meaningful project that was female fronted.

-On dating Kim Woo Bin since 2015: “Since we have the same career and we support each other, we say, ‘Hwaiting!’ to each other. I also hope Kim Woo Bin does well since he’s making his return.” Says they are both cheering for one another!

-“In Hollywood as well as other countries, there’s an increasing number of films that women can lead in, which is really welcoming news, and I’m really happy to be able to film a women-centric movie.”

-“I feel weird thinking that 20 years have passed like this. I don’t think about the passing of time, but I think it would be great if I can have fun acting while thinking of what I can do in the future.”

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Kang Ha Neul Talks About His Upcoming Movie, Why He Deleted His Social Media, And More

-The award winning actor spoke about his Baeksang Best Actor win (Emmy equivalent): "Personality-wise, I don’t really like unexpected events. I don’t think they fit well with me. Kang Ha Neul and a Baeksang award? It doesn’t feel real.”

-“I was so happy. But I’m also a little embarrassed about it. An award is something that goes to only one, but that day, I really thought about this a lot: we worked hard, but the other teams must have worked just as hard. Many people have said that they don’t like the concept of giving an award to two winners, but I really like it. If it were up to me, I think I would’ve given an award to everyone."

“There’s no particular reason why. I’m just not good at posting photos and managing an account. And because I had an account, I got various requests from different places and situations that I’d have to capture and post, and I didn’t like that. I didn’t like using it as a tool for something else. One day, I found myself, half-asleep, just writing random things on Facebook. It had become a habit. So I got rid of it first thing. And after making an Instagram, I increasingly felt that it wasn’t for me, so I deleted my account.”

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun And Go Kyung Pyo Describe Their Teamwork On Set Of “Private Lives”

-Go Kyung Pyo chose this as his comeback from the military:"When I first encountered this project, I was very drawn by the storyline led by the character Joo Eun.”

-Seohyun:“When I first read the script for ‘Private Lives,’ it was so interesting that I decided I really didn’t want to miss out on the show. It was really exciting because it’s a drama that entertainingly deals with an unrealistic true reality. Each of the characters are so charming and have such strong personalities, so I was happy about that. I was concerned about how to portray my character in a charming way, but I was also really excited. I tried to bring out the brazenness in my own personality in order to play the character.”

-GKP said that Seohyun is serious and prudent onset, and puts a lot of effort in without seeming stressed onset. He depended on her a lot while shooting.

-Seohyun says he helps her get rid of her nerves and gives her lots of ideas: “Since he’s so considerate, I’ve been able to relax as I immerse into the role of Joo Eun.”

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Refund Expedition (aka Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Jessi and Hwasa) debut with “Don’t Touch Me”

source: youtube @ 놀면 뭐하니?

As expected, It's already climbing up the charts at super speed! There's nothing really groundbreaking musically here but it's a bop and I've had it on repeat for most of the afternoon. The "don't touche me" part is forever stuck in my mind! They all sound good here, especially UJH.