November 17th, 2020

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Seventeen - Home;Run Promotion Roundup (Media heavy)

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What else happened?

Seventeen will guest on 'Idol Wonderland'. Vernon very probably has a finsta. Big Hit Labels announced a yearly label concert on New Years Eve (the drama with MBC intensifies), but Pledis announced that Seventeen already have a different schedule on that day and won't participate (no, it's not Kohaku). Seventeen was also confirmed to perform at MAMA. Hoshi donated money for scholarships at his old high school. In TikTok-dance news, Hoshi did the Lovekilla challenge with Monsta X's Kihyun while Vernon did the Daisy challenge with Pentagon's Kino. Seventeen's dorm arrangement. In need of a new phone background? Hoshi is here to help. Seungkwan is an actual bear, carries around honey sticks and gifts them to people (people is Golden Child's Bomin). While his dad drives lost travelers around. People are wrapping their heads around this Wonwoo abs pic being real. Jun being shocked that there is a taobao shop model who eerily looks like him. Semicolon Thanks To. Did Hoshi just spoil sth?

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The post is not 100% complete, but I haven't turned off my laptop in a week because this was sitting in my drafts, so out it goes. What were your favorite parts of this era?

As e-scooters gain popularity, safety concerns rise amid eased rules

The popularity of electric scooters is rapidly growing as a means of fast transportation in congested traffic or for short distances such as between buildings on college campuses. An increasing number of companies are also offering shared personal mobility services by providing e-scooters.

Such a hike in the use of e-scooters has consequently brought a large number of accidents involving their users. However, the government is moving to apply less regulations, thereby raising safety concerns.

Last month, two high school students in Incheon were riding on a single e-scooter together when they crashed into a taxi at an intersection, killing one of them. According to the police investigation, they were unlicensed and not wearing any safety equipment.

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Does your city have these scooters on the street, Omona? I can't remember the last time I saw them. Bird has seen a reported 90% user decline in my city. And in March Lime's CEO announced they were pausing services in all markets except South Korea.

source: The Korea Times

Sayuri's childbirth stirs debates over choice to be single mother in Korea

Sayuri, or Sayuri Fujita, one of the most famous Japanese TV personalities living in Korea, surprised many Monday after she revealed that she gave birth recently following becoming pregnant by using a sperm bank in Japan. Her choice to have a child as a single mother has stirred up a debate in Korea.

Following a report on KBS News 9, Monday, she revealed on Instagram that she had given birth to a baby boy in Japan, Nov. 4.

"First, thank you to everyone. On Nov. 4, 2020, I became a mother to my son. Becoming a single mother was not an easy decision, but it is also not a shameful decision. I want to thank my son for making me a proud mother," Sayuri wrote in English on Instagram, Monday. "I would like to thank you all. I will devote myself, as someone who has been self-centered so far, to my son from now on," she wrote in Korean and Japanese.

Sayuri, who is currently living in Korea and has been vocal about wanting to have a baby, said she had to travel to Japan because as an unmarried woman she was not able to go through in vitro fertilization in Korea.

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Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and continued blessings to her and her son!

source: The Korea Times
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GOT7 "Breath of Love : Last Piece" TEASER IMAGE #JACKSON

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Seoul Court reveals Produce 101 trainees kicked out by Ahn Joon Young vote rigging

Source: Naver via Twitter: OH_mes2, GIF: Tumblr: adorkableplaygirlz