November 21st, 2020


Small "Start-Up" roundup

Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk battle it out on the claw machine for prizes

We put Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk’s patience to the test with everyone's favorite frustration-inducing game at the arcade: the claw machine! Watch the START-UP stars compete for prizes, give each other missions, and play dress-up. And as a bonus, Nam Joo-hyuk displays his inner genius Nam Do-san by figuring out the secret to avoiding missions 👀

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source: The Swoon 1 2

Jo Kwon dances to Janet Jackson

One time at a Janet show she was like 2 hours late and I really had to go to the bathroom and everyone around me was like "she'll be here soon, you're gonna miss it", but I decided to go anyway and as soon as I took literally 3 steps up the aisle the Jackson family walked into the venue so I turned around and everyone laughed and were all "see we told you!", and the show started as soon as the family were seated. Anyways, still one of my fav Janet Jackson songs.

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bucket hat

GOT7 "Breath of Love : Last Piece" TEASER IMAGE #YUGYEOM

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Is it just me or is he giving some serious cherub energy in the last pic?