November 27th, 2020

nayeon tonight show

Time to Twice Crime Scene Episode 2 + Comeback Week Behind The Scenes #2

On today’s episode of Time to Twice, uh it’s not going good for the character Na Gasu. He’s [Spoiler (click to open)]dead. He’s very dead, had a gruesome death 💀

Now allegations are being thrown and the characters in a Survivor style vote have to pick who they currently find guilty. Who each character accuses:

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For a video out of character, here’s Twice behind the scenes of their ICSM stage promotions!

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Source: both are from “Twice” YT channel 1, 2
nayeon tonight show

Dreamcatcher FINALLY Gets Their Anime Opening with “King’s Raid”!!

Dreamcatcher has been known in the Kpop community for their music that fits perfectly into anime series with fans showing off how they fit in seamlessly.

Finally, fans’ wishes have come true with Eclipse, the official title of the 2nd Opening for the anime King's Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi. You may know King’s Raid from the mobile game or the collab they had with Dreamcatcher’s title track Deja Vu.

Look forward to the release soon! As a Dreamcatcher fan and a former anime fan (moreso casual fan now but still love the music) this is amazing news!!

Source: @7_dreamers, @jp_dreamcatcher, assa byong, Dreamcatcher Official

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@US omona: did you eat all the food?
Were you safe and socially distancing?

Side note: we're thinking of bringing back the omona sexiest game.

Poll #2106718 Omona's sexiest game

Would you rather we start now or wait for 2021?

I want sexy back now!!!
kill 2020 first
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BTS' Yoongi unboxes "BE" + Jungkook For Weverse

Like a professional unboxing YouTuber, Yoongi goes trough "BE", BTS' new album and yes he uses his hand as a background for the photocards because he knows what he's doing.
Warning: A photobook was harmed during the filming of this video. If you're a collector, you may find this difficult to watch.

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Sources: BANGTAN TV, Weverse

Just sharing some Yoongi as he rests (Big Hit really filmed a lot before he had surgery damn)
They need to stop with the leather pants

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! This is the first Black Friday I haven’t gone out shopping and I’m bummed that I won’t be making my yearly pilgrimage to the Hickory Farms kiosk at the mall. I’m a hoe for that honey pineapple mustard. Anyway! Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week we are going back to the 4th week in November, 2013.

#3 Park Ji Yoon “Mr. Lee”
This was the first song that she released after signing on to Mystic. It went to the top spot on the charts and sold very well. She started her own company a few year ago, and is still releasing music. Let’s check out the music video again. I love this video, it’s filled with beautiful people lol. Just a bunch of hot male models and a stunning Park Ji Yoon. She looks so gorgeous!

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source: 1theK, MBCkpop 1 2, BIGBANG, Mnet K-POP & soompi

"The Uncanny Counter" Official Trailer

When an average high-schooler gets a taste of the afterlife, he’s asked to join a mysterious group that calls themselves Counters, and somehow ends up the newest recruit on a team of soul-collecting demon hunters.

Starring Cho Byeong-kyu (HOT STOVE LEAGUE), Yu Jun-sang (GRACEFUL FRIENDS), Kim Se-jeong (BUSTED!, SCHOOL 2017), and Yeom Hye-ran (WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS), THE UNCANNY COUNTER is based on the webtoon AMAZING RUMOR by Jang Yi.

Coming to Netflix & OCN November 28.

source: The Swoon

Tale of the Nine Tailed episode 13 & 14 Discussion Post

Drama: Tale of the Nine Tailed (English title) / Tale of The
Nine-Tailed Fox (literal title)
Director: Kang Shin-Hyo
Writer: Han Woo-Ri
Network: tvN
Episodes: No information yet
Release Date: October 7, 2020
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:50 KST
Language: Korean

MAIN CAST: Lee Dong Wook (Lee Yeon), Jo Bo Ah (Nam Ji Ah / Ah Eum),Kim Bum (Lee Rang), Kim Yong Ji (Ki Yoo Ri)

Support Role:Hwang Hee (Gu Shin Joo), Kim Jung Nan (Pal Eui Pa), Ahn Kil Kang (Hyun Eui Ong), Joo Seok Tae (Team Leader Choi [Broadcasting station]), Jung Yi Seo (Kim Sae Rom [Broadcasting station]), Kim Kang Min (Pyo Jae Hwan [Broadcasting station]), Kim Soo Jin (Bok Hye Ja), Jang Won Hyung (Baek Shi Woo [Detective])

PLOT: The story features the mythical nine-tailed fox, or gumiho,Lee Yeon who has just settled in the city. Able to transform into human form, he goes about cleansing human spirits, all the while creating havoc. Enter the talented television producer Nam Ji Ah whose current show features urban myths. With nerves of steel, she will stop at nothing to secure unusual, if not dangerous, subject matter to showcase. She sets her sights on Lee Yeon who appears just too good to be true; irresistibly handsome, intelligent, fit; in fact the ideal guest. But his heartlessness will render doubt in her that he is indeed of this world.

Step-brother to Lee Yeon is the captivating Lee Rang, reputed to be the most dangerous of all gumihos living among humans. Despite being
half-human himself, he harbors a deep-seated contempt for all people. For sport, he will unleash his seductive prowess upon his human-du-jour, by promising to grant them their wishes, only to trick them into paying a hefty price for their earthly desires.

SOURCE: Images and drama information from MyDramaList | Episode summaries from VIU

You can watch on VIU (selected countries) and Dramacool

Jo Bo Ah, amazing!
bucket hat

Very whelming teasers for GOT7's photobook covers

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Source: GOT7official 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / paopei_Tan

this was ahgatwitter earlier today when Div2 once again messed up with the bare minimums