December 12th, 2020

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the only one performance was in my recs; i went to the channel thinking she did 2 or 3 songs. nope, she basically did a whole concert! if you have time to spare, these are well worth watching.
(side note: i listened to better (album) and omfg it's amazing. i think it's my favorite album of hers to date!!)

Teaser roundup featuring Lee Hi, Taeyeon & Epitone Project

Lee Hi "For You (Feat. Crush)" teaser

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Recommendations for what to watch after "Start-Up" on Netflix

START-UP has definitely left us hankering for more feel-good success stories, and everyone knows the best remedy for post-drama blues is more dramas! Whether it’s more plucky go-getters, frenemies-turned-unlikely-teammates, or even another good dose of second lead syndrome you’re looking for, we’ve got a drama for that 👌

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