December 16th, 2020


"Mr. Queen"' production team apologizes over line 'belittling' Korea's national treasure

The production team of tvN's "Mr. Queen," a fusion of historical drama and fiction, has apologized over a controversial line that some people say belittled Korea's national treasure ― the Veritable Records of the Joseon Dynasty.

In the drama's second episode aired on Dec. 13, protagonist Kim So-yong (Queen Cheorin) ― played by Shin Hye-sun ― described the treasure as a "tabloid" that failed to provide authentic information about the 25th king of Joseon, Cheoljong (1831-1863) ― played by Kim Jung-hyun. The line immediately stirred debate among viewers, some of whom said the TV series played down the records listed in UNESCO's Memory of the World registry.

"We admit that the line was inappropriate ― we took this seriously and deleted that part," the production crew said Tuesday. "We also did not intend to depict any historical event or figure negatively, but wanted to give a laugh to people through our work. But we apologize for causing discomfort and will be more careful in the future."

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source: The Korea Times
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Behind the scenes - 90's Love MV

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Sources: NCT Daily, odg, 라이프타임

Small note: Shotaro is practicing with The Boyz Jooyeon, Astro Moonbin and Stray Kids Hyunjin for a special stage on KBS Gayo (and two of those groups are confirmed for Kingdom).
Could be just a coincidence though... Who'd you like to see as part of the unit if they actually go on the show?

"Mama Sayuri" episodes 2-4

Hello, this is Sayuri.
Today's content is made up of the questions you guys have probably been asking.
I also show you how I had to test for diabetes and my workout routine for keeping up my health while I was pregnant.

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It's great that she had/has good people supporting her, everyone kept the whole thing a secret until after the baby was born. So, is everything against unwed women who want to be mothers in Korea? IVF is illegal? Sperm donors are illegal unless its your husband? It seems like everything is illegal for them.

source: SayuriTV 1 2 3
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Seventeen Will Appear On The Late Late Show With James Corden

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the news. Something I definitely didn't see coming.

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Sunmi Opens Up About Being Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder

On the December 16 episode of Mnet’s “Running Girls,” the cast members continued to open up to each other about their lives, careers, and worries.

“Running Girls” stars Chungha, Sunmi, EXID’s Hani, LOONA’s Chuu, and Oh My Girl’s YooA in a reality show about forming a “running crew” and seeking out beautiful natural running courses in Korea.

At the start of the episode, Sunmi and Hani talked about their friendship. Hani said, “To be honest, I felt like I should be careful around you. You have more experience than me. What I mean by ‘being careful’ is that I wanted to listen to you more, I wanted to get to know you more, and I was curious about you.”

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"A Love So Beautiful" Official Trailer

After years of nursing an unrequited crush on her next-door neighbor, the arrival of a new kid in town might be just the thing to change their relationship into something more.

A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL is a remake of the popular Chinese drama of the same name starring Kim Yo-han (PRODUCE X 101), So Joo-yeon (DR. ROMANTIC 2), and Yeo Hoi-hyun (LEVERAGE).

Coming to Netflix December 28.

source: The Swoon