December 31st, 2020


Teaser roundup featuring Yubin, Epik High, (G)I-DLE & T141

Yubin "Perfume" online cover

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STUDIO CHOOM's Queen's Era 2020

[Timestamps]00:00 [BE ORIGINAL] SOMI(전소미) ‘What You Waiting For’
02:55 [BE ORIGINAL] SOMI(전소미) 'What You Waiting For' (Behind)
08:36 [BE ORIGINAL] Hwa Sa(화사) ‘Maria(마리아)’
11:58 [BE ORIGINAL] Hwa Sa(화사) ‘Maria(마리아)’ (Behind)
16:53 [BE ORIGINAL] CHUNG HA(청하) 'Stay Tonight'
20:33 [BE ORIGINAL] 청하(CHUNG HA) 'Stay Tonight' (Behind)
24:50 [BE ORIGINAL] 선미(SUNMI) ‘pporappippam(보라빛 밤)’
28:17 [BE ORIGINAL] 선미(SUNMI) ‘pporappippam(보라빛 밤)’ (Behind)
36:26 [BE ORIGINAL] 문별(Moon Byul) '달이 태양을 가릴 때(Eclipse)'
39:59 [BE ORIGINAL] 문별(Moon Byul) '달이 태양을 가릴 때(Eclipse)' (Behind)


Do Kyung Wan is reportedly leaving KBS

I'm surprised since he talks a lot of Yeon-woo being "a son of KBS", and he's on multiple shows on the network. I wonder if this means the family is leaving TROS.

source: theseoulstory via naver