January 12th, 2021

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TW: MOMOLAND’s Nancy Becomes Victim In Circulation Of Illegally Manipulated Photos, MLD Responds

⚠️ Trigger Warning!: Manipulated inappropriate photos being shared for harassment purposes.

MLD Entertainment has called attention to a recent case of illegally manipulated photos of MOMOLAND’s Nancy being circulated on online and social networking platforms.

On January 11, the company delivered an official statement explaining the incident and announcing their plans to pursue strong legal action against the initial perpetrator as well as all those that took part in spreading the photos.

They also commented on Nancy’s current condition by saying, “Nancy is currently undergoing severe emotional turmoil.”

The entirety of MLD Entertainment’s official statement follows:

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Source: Original: ENews at IMBC, translated by: M.Kang at Soompi

Sorry mods I forgot a source! This is obvious but just in case: Do NOT Share anything related to those pictures.
Sana CFM

IU Releasing Full Album Soon, Pre Release Single Coming January 27th

On January 11, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment officially announced, “IU is currently in the midst of preparations for her fifth full-length album, and she will be pre-releasing one song from that album on January 27.”

Describing IU’s pre-release track, the agency stated, “[The song] has a bright and cheerful pop sound that can energize those listening to it. It’s a genre of music that IU is trying for the first time.”

Just two days ago, IU thrilled fans by sharing that she was preparing to release a new album during her Daesang (Grand Prize) acceptance speech at the 35th Golden Disc Awards, then hinting that she planned to drop a pre-release track before the end of January.

IU’s upcoming album will mark her first full-length album in over three years: the singer last released a full-length album in 2017, when she dropped her fourth studio album “Palette.”

Source: original Naver, translated by E.Cha at Soompi

Teaser roundup featuring Epik High, Chungha, Cherry Bullet & Cravity

Epik High "Epik High Is Here" album tracklist

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source: blobyblo, CHUNGHA_MNHent, cherrybullet 1 2, CRAVITYstarship

Movie stars cross over to small screen

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing film production to a standstill and canceling cinematic releases, a growing number of talented movie stars are crossing over to the small screen.

These days, premium streaming services are numerous and accessible. More and more TV series are better produced with bigger budgets. Thanks to the popularity of Netflix, there is a whole new platform for actors to bring their talent to.

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source: The Korea Times
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Bambam had a little fan talk before he went to sleep

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