January 21st, 2021


*TW* Former short track coach jailed for sexual assault of Olympic athlete *TW*

A former national short track speed skating coach was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison on Thursday on charges of sexually assaulting Olympic champion Shim Suk-hee.

The Suwon District Court convicted Cho Jae-beom of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Juveniles against Sexual Abuse, saying his act is highly condemnable. Cho is accused of assaulting Shim for about three years until a few months before the country hosted the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The court also ordered him to complete 200 hours of sexual offender treatment while banning him from working with children, youths and disabled people for seven years.

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source: The Korea Times

Why have K-pop dance practice videos become so popular?

Low-quality videos, casual looks and outfits, tacky practice rooms and the high-pitched squeaks of sneakers scraping on floors. These elements have been typically associated with K-pop idols' dance practice videos, which were often released as a bonus for fans, apart from the much more glamorous and publicized official music videos.

BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" dance performance video became the first of its kind to surpass 500 million views on YouTube this month and the feat has made it evident that dance-centered videos have evolved as an important part of the K-pop phenomenon.

What distinguishes such dance clips apart from music videos or onstage performance videos are the noticeably minimized visual effects as well as camera movements and cuts, which allow viewers to concentrate solely on the performative aspects in one take.

Recently, these clumsily shot videos released as a bonus have evolved into clips with high production value in terms of visual and sound quality, after talent agencies recognized their marketing potential and the growing demand among fans for them.

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No mention of the iconic SM Cloud Room? Tragic. Those Studio Choom videos are done so nicely. What's your favorite dance practice video, Omona?

source: The Korea Times

Seolhyun's first social media posts since AOA bullying scandal get mixed reactions

Singer and actress Kim Seol-hyun, better known as Seolhyun of K-pop girl group AOA, is receiving mixed reactions with her first social media posts since the group's bullying scandal last year.

Kim posted pictures of herself on the set of the tvN series "Awaken," in which she played the lead character Hye-won, on her Instagram Wednesday.

The series, which ended on Tuesday, revolves around a legendary special forces officer Jung-woo (Namgoon Min), and his hot-tempered colleague Hye-won teaming up to uncover the connection between the current mysterious cases and a cold case from 26 years ago.

Kim also wrote a long emotional message, expressing gratitude to the cast and crew, as well as to fans.

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Her Instagram can be found here

source: The Korea Times
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GOT7 Mark & Youngjae Solo Career Updates

Youngjae is the first to officially sign with another agency post-JYPE, and is currently with Sublime Artist, with talents like Rain, Hyomin, Hani, Im Nayoung (of IOI fame).

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sources: @balloon_wanted, @SublimeArtist, @MarkTuan, Mark Tuan YouTube

how excited are you for post-JYPE Got7 (can I still call them by that name), omona? also, I hope I didn't derail any 7th anniversary post for you camouflagecat.
Xiao Dejun


Ten - 2 - 4 PM - Relay cam (feat. Leon, Louis and Bella)

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I think SM's officially gone mad. XDDD
Also, someone pls save the new member from Haechan T-T
I watched XJ's drama while drinking my coffee these days and I recommend it. It's cute, light and funny. :3