January 26th, 2021

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AKMU Renews Contracts With YG Entertainment

On January 26, YG Entertainment announced that with the expiration of their seven year contracts, AKMU has renewed with the company for five more years.

Lee Chanhyuk commented, “Honestly, it is difficult to find a company that thinks of the artists first as much as YG does. We did not experience trouble or conflicting opinions a single time over the past seven years, and the company led our young selves well while reliably supporting us in the path we are taking.” Lee Suhyun added, “We did not ever consider leaving YG.”

YG Entertainment stated, “The AKMU members are still young, but they are very thoughtful and mature. All of the YG staff members were really touched at the news of AKMU’s long-term contract renewal. As we have once again confirmed are trust in each other, YG will provide further support for AKMU and do our best for them to grow well as artists.”

After competing on “K-pop Star Season 2” in 2012, AKMU officially debuted under YG Entertainment in 2014.

Source: Naver, D.Kim at Soompi

The Evolution Of Monsta X

Oh I’m sorry, did I make you anxious?”

Monsta X rapper Joohoney’s cheeky question at the top “Love Killa” — the lead track from the Korean group’s November 2020 album Fatal Love — is definitely rhetorical. Monsta X know how intimidating they come off: after all, it’s been their signature ever since they made their 2015 debut.

Back then, they led with loud, in-your-face intensity. Five years later, however, their ferocity is more subtle — and in many ways, more potent. You can see it in “Love Killa.” It’s in the way they loosely shake their wrists in the air, and in their knowing smirks as they strut. Few things are more subversive and unsettling than seeing someone completely at ease with themselves, but it didn’t happen overnight.

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source: refinery29

AmorePacific aims for rebound through collaboration with Off-White

AmorePacific, Korea's largest cosmetics company, hopes to overcome its current slump by launching a new product in collaboration with Italian luxury brand Off-White.

The item, called "Protection Box," is made up of limited-edition beauty products and fashion accessories. AmorePacific is making the mask packs and lip balms that go into the box, while Off-White is producing face masks as well as the container.

The container can be used as a bag with a strap, which was designed by Off-White with an emphasis on "protection" during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the first time Off-White has collaborated with a Korean firm to introduce a cosmetic product.

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source: The Korea Times

SHINee announces "The Ringtone: SHINee is Back"

Reportedly, they will look back at their moments from debut till present & also give spoilers to their upcoming comeback. Jan 31st on YouTube & V Live

source: SHINee

According to Korean Dramas: How to stay alive in a monster apocalypse

Nightmare-inducing monster hot on your heels? Been there. Zombies chasing you down? Done that. Whatever apocalyptic event you’re facing, K-dramas have got your back. Here’s the ultimate guide to monster survival as told by some of the bravest people in dramaland. Let’s take notes diligently (better safe than sorry!) ✍️

source: The Swoon

More K-pop singers contribute to animation soundtracks

Animation soundtracks have usually been sung by voice actors here, but things have started to change as more K-pop singers have started to croon songs for famous animated works, which has turned out to be beneficial for both sides.

K-pop boy group TREASURE's "Beautiful," which is the closing track for the Japanese animated film "Black Clover," was released Jan. 22, and has already attracted more than 840,000 views on YouTube.

In November last year, Sinbi of K-pop girl group GFriend, released "Be Yourself (Shinbi x SINB song)" sung with a character called Shinbi from the animated film "Shinbi Apartment: Doomsday." The collaboration attracted huge attention, drawing more than 865,000 views on YouTube and prompting people to participate in its TikTok dance challenge.

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source: The Korea Time & TREASURE