January 30th, 2021

Monsta X x Urban Decay for Beauty+ Photoshoot & Interview

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Source: Beauty+ (my own translation), Kihyun IG, Shownu IG, I.M IG

The photos are still helllla basic but this is a great (and whew, extensive) interview covering a whole lot from product placement to aliens to existential crises

I have a lot of feelings about it but mostly I'm glad they can acknowledge that things were not okay, even if there's still a lot they can't say

++ thank you so much for your patience, mods!! Source code + html = mighty struggles ^_T


2AM's Jinwoon to take his first lead movie role

Singer-actor Jeong Jin-woon, 29, a member of K-pop boy band 2AM, will return to the entertainment industry after completing his mandatory military service.

Jeong's agency Mystic Story said Friday that he has decided to take the lead role in the upcoming horror-comedy film "Only I can see you" (unofficial direct translation).

"I am excited to work on this genre film," he said through the agency. "Since this is my first work since my discharge, I ask for your support."

The film, directed by Im Yong-jae, is about a movie production staff encountering a supernatural force that causes paranormal phenomena.

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source: The Korea Times