February 3rd, 2021

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Elkie Officially Exits CLC

Elkie’s contract with Cube Entertainment has been terminated.

Previously in December, Elkie sent a notification to Cube Entertainment regarding the termination of her contract, and she wrote a letter talking about her experiences and hopes for the future.

On February 3, it was announced that Elkie’s contract has officially been terminated, and she has also been withdrawn from CLC.

The official statement reads as follows:
This is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that the exclusive contract with our artist Elkie has been terminated.
With this termination, Elkie is now withdrawn from the group CLC.
This conclusion follows a mutual agreement between both parties.

We extend our gratitude to the fans who had sent love for Elkie.
Please wish Elkie the best in her future endeavors.

Thank you.

Source: D.Kim at Soompi, @cubeclc

She’s free!! 🥳
🐈 ♡ rv's familiar
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WONHO announces late february comeback, RIGHT FOR US!

this was pushed back a bit, he'd been seriously mentioning a comeback since the end of september (and there was articles about it). i've been waiting for the announcement!!!


Compliment Me with the cast of "Busted! Season 3"

One of these compliments is not like the others, and it’s up to the BUSTED! cast to spot the imposter! We tested the detectives to see if they could pick out a compliment from their costar from a pile of real fan compliments. Some may excel, some may miss by a whisker, and some... may have to apologize to their fans 😂

Watch Busted! Season 3 on Netflix

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"Vincenzo" Official Teaser

Song Joong-ki stars as Italian mafia lawyer Vincenzo who flees to South Korea, where he discovers that the rich and powerful don’t play by the rules here either. But this time he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to serve justice, even if it means getting his hands dirty.

Also starring Jeon Yeo-been (BE MELODRAMATIC), and Ok Taec-yeon (SAVE ME), this is the newest drama from the writer of THE FIERY PRIEST, CHIEF KIM, and GOOD DOCTOR.

Coming to Netflix & tvN February 20

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bucket hat

JB opens youtube channel

for context, he talked about it on a recent IG live

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Sources: onhismark / JAE BEOM LIM.