February 7th, 2021


Kim Wooseok - 'Sugar' M/V

-I am a lying-ass bitch because this is not better than Red Moon but I still liked it. Some parts are weird (the bear???, the chorus is too high/processed) and some parts I loved (the chess, the kicks, the blue room)
-0:20 - He... Ah-Ah. I LOVE THIS PART (I know this is not particularly original choreo but whenever I see someone do that with their feet my silly brain points and says "Is this Ah-Ah by Teen Top?")
-OK the TikTok move from the chorus reminds me of something I can't think of right now, I'll remember it later


This Sunday on Inkigayo !

Who performed what: HyunA - "I'm Not Cool"CIX - "Cinema"NA SANG DO - "살아지더라" • Kim Woo Seok - "What Are You Up To Tonight" / "Sugar" Jung Do Ha - "I Still Love You"Kim Yeon Ja - "Bling Bling" Dreamcatcher - "Odd Eye"ONEUS - "No Diggity"Cherry Bullet - "Love So Sweet"Golden Child - "Burn It"YOUHA - "Abittipsy"BOBBY - "U Mad" Song Gain - "I Like Trot"TREASURE - "My Treasure"CRAVITY - "My Turn" • T1419 - "Asurabalbalta" •

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🥇 IU with "Celebrity" (9073)
🥈 (G)I-DLE with "HWAA" (3669)
🥉 HyunA with "I'm Not Cool" (3382)

Sources: SBS KPOP & Soompi