February 11th, 2021

Sana CFM

Twice’s Sana Stars In Special MV of Kobukuro “Graduation”

Sana stars in a special version of Kobukuro’s “Graduation” which was released last March. Sana wrote on how the song and MV meant something special to her, as the imagery is of Osaka, Japan and then shows images of Korea. She reflects from graduating from her hometown and her memories of her youth encourages her current motivations.

Translation under the cut:
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Source: Kobukuro YT channel , @sanapen2912, @Kli0613

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Muply's Music Playlist with Bobby "U Mad"

[timestamps][🔊 BOBBY's MUSIC PLAYLIST]
0:04​ 우아해(GOrGeOuS)
1:12​ 내려놔(Let iT Go)
2:13​ 주옥(HeartBROKEN PlaYBoY)
3:24​ BrEAk It DoWn
4:13​ 새벽에(In THE DaRk)
4:58​ Ur SOUL Ur NodY (feat. DK) 라일락(LiLaC)
5:19​ LiAr NO TIME
5:45​ 라일락(LiLaC) RocKstaR
6:37​ RaiNinG (feat. JU-NE)
6:51​ NO TIME
7:20​ RockstaR
8:05​ DeViL
9:02​ 야 우냐(U MAD)

source: MUPLY
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GOT7 Mark vlogs & Trendmo February issue pictorial

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also here's a tweet that sums up pretty well the newest GOT7 updates (sorry OP is lazy lol):
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Source: Mark Tuan 1, 2 / withyoumarktuan 1, 2 / jaengel_

The first vid includes all the members bidding him farewell when he goes back to LA, the 2nd one is just him at a magazine shoot.

He's got 2,5M subscribers and gets a a few millions views per video so far it seems.